Probably. I have a tendency to need help.
Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:29

Parker had just sat back down in his chair with the paper in his pocket when the woman, who had been introduced as the new healer, came in through the front door and not out of her office.

Parker momentarily admired the color of her robes, a nice green, which was better than some of the other colored robes he'd seen. He made a mental note to see if he could ask someone what the different colored robes meant.

"Um..." Parker stood up from his chair momentarily forgetting why he was in the Hospital Wing as he was a bit excited by the paper in his pocket.

"Oh yes. My mom wants me to get a check up from someone magical to make sure I am ok to play sports this year. I, umm, got a pretty good beating last year in Quidditch."
Parker paused a bit before looking down at the floor, "My mom's a nurse and both of my parents don't do magic, so she's worried she'd miss something if she did my physical. She thinks I might be non-human or something."

Parker had really hoped that he wouldn't have to do the physical. He hated having to sit still while they checked everything. He had been healed in this wing last year after the final Quidditch match, so he'd assumed someone could just say, yep you're fine. Unfortunately, there was a new healer, one who wasn't here last year for his bruised ribs, so he might very well have to sit still long enough for her to make sure he was fine. Though looking down at her shoes, he could see the dirt on them, which made him slightly more comfortable in her presence. She liked the outdoors, and that was something he liked as well.

"Oh, and she would like, if possible, a letter or something saying I passed/didn't pass the physical," Parker said looking up with a sheepish smile. He had almost forgotten this part. Without the letter, all of this would have been for no reason.

  • So I might be seeing a lot of youHealer Kapoor, Sat Feb 10 09:32
    All the medicines were in date. Still. Unsurprisingly. Since she had checked and fully stocked them at the start of term. Anisha had taken the school job because her previous contract had finished... more
    • Probably. I have a tendency to need help. — Parker, Sat Feb 10 11:29
      • I have a tendency to give it, so that should work outHealer Kapoor, Sat Feb 10 22:52
        “Ok then,” Anisha smiled. The kid seemed a bit embarrassed over the fact that he was more or less here over nothing, or about the fact that his parents weren’t magical. Either way, he was telling the ... more
        • Nice to meet your acquantanceParker, Sun Feb 11 14:18
          Parker looked up from the floor. This new healer's voice was comforting. It reminded him of the voice his mother would use when she would take him with her on in person check ups. It was the... more
          • And yoursHealer Kapoor, Tue Feb 13 08:23
            “You’re probably right. That must be what that says,” Anisha nodded, when Parker said he’d also had some kind of pill possibly for pain. There was a line of scrawl in the notes that she couldn’t... more
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