Healer Kapoor
I have a tendency to give it, so that should work out
Sat Feb 10, 2018 22:52

“Ok then,” Anisha smiled. The kid seemed a bit embarrassed over the fact that he was more or less here over nothing, or about the fact that his parents weren’t magical. Either way, he was telling the floor more information than he was telling her. And she didn’t really want him to feel bad about any of that. Yes, he looked fine, and probably was fine, but it wasn’t like she was exactly rushed off her feet attending to more serious cases. And mothers could be pushy creatures at the best of times, plus in this case… Well, it seemed like the boy’s mother was having some trouble adjusting to the whole magical thing. And that was part of her job too. She had to deal with people and their messy families as much as she had to deal with their broken bones and curse wounds.

“Name, year and house?” she asked, summoning over his student medical notes once she had this information - there was a file on each of the students, with previous visits to the hospital wing and any important health information noted down. He had been here to see her predecessor last year after the match in question. “So, you took a Bludger to abdomen. There were no signs of internal bleeding or broken anything. You were given some bruise balm…. Accurate?” she checked, as she skimmed the notes.

“Have you had any difficulties or discomfort since the incident,” she asked. “And does your mother usually give you physicals every year, or have any other reason to be concerned that you shouldn’t play sports?” she asked. If there was something, it really should have been in his file, but it was always good to check. Just like she thought she knew the answers to those questions, but she still had to ask them. She kept her tone gentle, not wanting him to think she was asking him to justify his presence here. She was just doing her job. “Or she’s just worried cos of this incident, and we need to find a way to reassure her?” she added, trying to make it clear she was happy to give Parker what he’d come for, even if it wasn’t a dose of medicine in the traditional sense.

  • Probably. I have a tendency to need help.Parker, Sat Feb 10 11:29
    Parker had just sat back down in his chair with the paper in his pocket when the woman, who had been introduced as the new healer, came in through the front door and not out of her office. Parker... more
    • I have a tendency to give it, so that should work out — Healer Kapoor, Sat Feb 10 22:52
      • Nice to meet your acquantanceParker, Sun Feb 11 14:18
        Parker looked up from the floor. This new healer's voice was comforting. It reminded him of the voice his mother would use when she would take him with her on in person check ups. It was the... more
        • And yoursHealer Kapoor, Tue Feb 13 08:23
          “You’re probably right. That must be what that says,” Anisha nodded, when Parker said he’d also had some kind of pill possibly for pain. There was a line of scrawl in the notes that she couldn’t... more
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