Nice to meet your acquantance
Sun Feb 11, 2018 14:18

Parker looked up from the floor. This new healer's voice was comforting. It reminded him of the voice his mother would use when she would take him with her on in person check ups. It was the No-need-to-worry-All-is-ok voice. It made Parker think of what he liked about home, and it made him smile.

"Parker Fitzgerald, second year, Pecari," he responded quickly. If this was going to be a physical he wanted to rip it off like a band aid.

Parker thought about what he had been given last year. "Bruise balm, and some kind of pill. I thought it might be for pain, but maybe not."

Any discomfort? Just in trying to figure out how to adjust back home and then again back at school. No physical discomfort, all in head. Parker shook his head no. He was beginning to think this would really just be discussion and not a physical and he relaxed letting his right leg shake a bit as he sat there.

Parker laughed at her line of questioning. The new healer definitely understood his mother if she was talking about reassuring her.

"She usually gives me a physical. Or did until last year. She is worried about me playing sports, I think because she's a nurse and sees the damage kids take from things like football." As Parker said this, he realized that she probably didn't think Qudditch was dangerous until he told them about the bruises.

"Also, according to her, I tend to do silly things and get hurt. Like climbing trees or running around pools." At the last two points Parker pointed first to a scar on his left arm where he'd fallen from a tree and broken a bone when he was around 8, and then a lifted up some of his messy hair to show a small scar on the right hand side of his forehead from when he slipped at the pool one summer when he was younger.

"I think she just wants to know two things: what's different between me and any other person she might look at so she could do a physical if she wanted to, and to know that I have good care here in case I do hurt myself. Which will probably happen, so you'll likely see me again."

  • I have a tendency to give it, so that should work outHealer Kapoor, Sat Feb 10 22:52
    “Ok then,” Anisha smiled. The kid seemed a bit embarrassed over the fact that he was more or less here over nothing, or about the fact that his parents weren’t magical. Either way, he was telling the ... more
    • Nice to meet your acquantance — Parker, Sun Feb 11 14:18
      • And yoursHealer Kapoor, Tue Feb 13 08:23
        “You’re probably right. That must be what that says,” Anisha nodded, when Parker said he’d also had some kind of pill possibly for pain. There was a line of scrawl in the notes that she couldn’t... more
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