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Jozua Sparks
I'm sick
Sat Feb 24, 2018 20:52

OOC: I am assuming Finn is helping him based on the fact that he's a Teppenpaw and he likes Jozua. I haven't been able to catch his author in Chatzy to check though, but she is busy and I want to get this going. BIC:

Once he was moving, it was a little better, but Jozua still felt lightheaded and he was glad of Finn's support as they made it down the stairs to the commonroom, then down the stairs to the Hospital Wing. He was pretty sure he would have taken at least one spill without his roommate there to steady him. Fortunately, though, it was a short trip from Teppenpaw to the Hospital Wing, and they walked through the door only a few minutes after he roused Finn. Which meant it was crazy o'clock and the medic was doubtless getting woken by whatever wards were set to tell her when she had visitors.

Jozua, not feeling particularly sympathetic to her plight right now, called out, "Hello? Anyone awake?" And then dropped into one of the waiting chairs and cradled his head in his hands until the medic arrived.

He heard footsteps and lifted his head and blinked miserably at her. "I have a fever," he told her, though she might have already been able to diagnose that from his sweaty pajamas, damp hair, and the not quite normal hue of his skin. "And I feel lightheaded," he added, to explain why Finn had come along. "And I couldn't sleep anymore," he finished, to explain why this couldn't wait until morning.

    • Then you've come to the right placeHealer Kapoor, Sat Feb 24 21:27
      Aisha was sleeping soundly when a persistent beeping awoke her, indicating that there was a patient for her to see. She blinked at the clock. Yikes. The fact that they’d come in at that time... more
      • I'll just lay down here thenJozua, Sun Feb 25 09:21
        "Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw," Jozua told the Healer when she asked him for his name and House. He was capable of answering that, but if the questions got any more complicated, he wasn't sure his brain... more
        • Good ideaHealer Kapoor, Tue Feb 27 06:53
          No other symptoms, and he was already passed out solidly asleep. He’d been mumbling something about fire spells as he drifted off, but that was scarcely medical related and just seemed to be an... more
          • Jozua woke, still feeling a little bit fuzzy but a whole lot better than he’d been when he woke up Finn last night. He looked around, momentarily disoriented, but then he noticed and recognized the... more
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