Healer Kapoor
Then you've come to the right place
Sat Feb 24, 2018 21:27

Aisha was sleeping soundly when a persistent beeping awoke her, indicating that there was a patient for her to see. She blinked at the clock. Yikes. The fact that they’d come in at that time indicated it was probably something pretty bad. She grabbed her green healer’s robes from the back of the door, pulling them on over her pyjamas - the stripy cotton legs of these just visible under the hem of the robes - and stuffing her feet into some shoes. She pulled her long dark hair up, tying it into a fairly neat ponytail given that she did it in about two seconds and without the aid of a mirror. It was one of those less celebrated healer skills.

There were two boys waiting for her when she arrived, though it seemed fairly obvious which one was the patient. The boy looked clammy and pasty and… well, like he was definitely in the right place right now.

“Indeed. You don’t look very well at all,” she stifled a yawn as she said this, but the sympathy in her tone was still evident, and she didn’t appear in any way annoyed by being woken up.

“Name and house?” she asked, retrieving his medical records when he told her, before summoning a glass thermometer which she placed into his mouth. “No allergies, correct?” she checked, having skimmed the front page of his file, which suggested that he did not, but it was always wise to check. Accidentally killing one’s patients incurred a lot of paperwork.

“One hundred and three!” proclaimed the thermometer in a shocked tone.

“Poor boy, no wonder you feel so awful. I’m going to give you a potion to bring down your fever. You may as well have the drowsy formula and then maybe you can drop off to sleep while it takes effect. You can sleep it all off down here, and we’ll see how you are when you wake up, okay? Any other symptoms?” she asked, as she retrieved a small bottle of pale blue potion from the cabinet.

“And I take it you’re just helping, not a patient too?” she added to the other boy. The one who seemed unable to stand up had obviously been the first priority, and explained why a second was there, but she thought she should check.

  • I'm sickJozua Sparks, Sat Feb 24 20:52
    OOC: I am assuming Finn is helping him based on the fact that he's a Teppenpaw and he likes Jozua. I haven't been able to catch his author in Chatzy to check though, but she is busy and I want to get ... more
    • Then you've come to the right place — Healer Kapoor, Sat Feb 24 21:27
      • I'll just lay down here thenJozua, Sun Feb 25 09:21
        "Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw," Jozua told the Healer when she asked him for his name and House. He was capable of answering that, but if the questions got any more complicated, he wasn't sure his brain... more
        • Good ideaHealer Kapoor, Tue Feb 27 06:53
          No other symptoms, and he was already passed out solidly asleep. He’d been mumbling something about fire spells as he drifted off, but that was scarcely medical related and just seemed to be an... more
          • Jozua woke, still feeling a little bit fuzzy but a whole lot better than he’d been when he woke up Finn last night. He looked around, momentarily disoriented, but then he noticed and recognized the... more
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