Healer Kapoor
Oh really? Where'd you get your healer's degree?
Mon Feb 26, 2018 06:34

Aisha had been just about to go and get some lunch when one of the older students walked in. He claimed he had a headache, but if he did, it had to be something more like a migraine. He looked about as good as the last one and, even though he’d managed to get here under his own steam, seemed to need the furniture for support.

“Why don’t you sit down?” she suggested, giving him a chance to do so of his own accord but, for all that she’d made a question, perfectly willing to firmly steer him into that chair if she needed to.

“Name?” she asked. She could see his house, clearly displayed on his robes. She called his name back to the filing cabinet with a flick of her wand, and a set of notes came forward with somewhat less certainty than they had for her two previous patients. Umland, Joseph (k.a. Joe) was written across it and accounted for the slight confusion. He fit the house and year, and it was an unusual enough surname that she was pretty sure she had the right boy, though she still checked his date of birth with him, alongside his (lack of) allergies.

She waved her wand, sending the thermometer his way, glad to see that he opened up obediently in spite of it being ‘just a headache.’

“102.5!” squeaked the thermometer after a minute.

“So. That would be not just a headache,” she informed him seriously, in case he was unaware what constituted a fever. She was pretty sure he had to be feeling fairly terrible with a temperature that high, and that he was experiencing a lot more than a headache right now. She cast a charm over the thermometer to clean it and returned it to the cupboard. “You need a fever potion and a couple of hours in bed,” she informed him.

OOC - permission obtained from Joe’s author that he would co-operate with having his temperature taken. If he’s a good little boy and co-operates with the recommended treatment, you can write Aisha giving him the medicine but I thought I’d leave it there in case he gets it into his head to argue…

  • It’s just a headache.Joe Umland, Sun Feb 25 20:10
    Joe had realized he was in for a rough day within moments of realizing what day it was, a good thirty minutes after he had intended to come to that realization. His head had felt full of fog, his... more
    • Oh really? Where'd you get your healer's degree? — Healer Kapoor, Mon Feb 26 06:34
      • University of Beinstubborn. You?Joe Umland, Mon Feb 26 11:30
        So much talking. He just needed something for his headache, and probably some food - however painfully his stomach contorted at the mere idea of eating anything. Still, she was the one in control of... more
        • I don't think that's widely recognisedHealer Kapoor, Tue Feb 27 05:12
          Oh good. She had a little soldier on her hands, who wanted to keep on trooping. She could overlook the borderline rudeness in his tone, given that she doubted he was functioning anywhere near normal... more
          • It's a very exclusive institution.Joe Umland, Tue Feb 27 10:09
            Joe could only shrug slightly in response to the comment that his head was probably not the only thing which hurt. “Pulled something in m’back,” he conceded. He put up a hand to protectively cover... more
            • I think we should stick with my opinion on the matterHealer Kapoor, Wed Feb 28 06:07
              She was glad she hadn’t confirmed his identity using his full name, because that meant she still had it up her sleeve, said in reproving tones, to wield if he continued to be difficult. Which he... more
              • Joe almost began to protest again as his shoes began removing themselves - admitting that he was ill was not the same thing as saying he was too weak and feeble to even take off his own shoes! - but... more
                • You might have to get used to itAisha Kapoor, Fri Mar 2 20:24
                  (OOC - agreed with Joe’s author in chatzy that he’s mistaking sunset for sunrise, otherwise he’s been out solid for 20 hours) He gave one last feeble attempt at arguing, and then was in bed, taking... more
                  • Some hours earlier, implications - however solid - would have flown over Joe’s head. Now, though, he still felt terrible, but he was much more in command of his faculties, enough to realize a losing... more
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