Joe Umland
University of Beinstubborn. You?
Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:30

So much talking. He just needed something for his headache, and probably some food - however painfully his stomach contorted at the mere idea of eating anything. Still, she was the one in control of the drugs, which meant humoring her for now.

“Joe Umland,” said Joe, accepting the proffered seat, at least, with gratitude - the chairback really had not felt sturdy enough to keep holding on to much longer. “I’m one of the Teppenpaw prefects. Nice to meet you,” he recited, adding another attempt at a smile and not adding his full first name - it never occurred to him to do so. He was puzzled by why she wanted to know his birthday, but he agreed what it was, trying not to sound as impatient as he was for her to get to the part where she gave him painkillers.

“Is this really necessary?” he croaked when a flying thermometer came toward him, but he submitted to this indignity, too, for the sake of eventually getting some relief, resolving to look up the formula for a good aches-and-pains potion himself later and make a few batches of it and keep them in his room for future use. He could have been headache-less for...some length of time, anyway. It was hard to tell. Everything seemed to be moving so slowly today...he wondered if someone had cursed the clocks.

One hundred-anything sounded pretty bad to Joe in terms of temperature, but then he remembered that Americans used Fahrenheit. Everything sounded worse in Fahrenheit. He was too groggy to guess at the difference, but it probably wasn’t that bad....

“I can’t go to bed,” he argued. “I’ve got things to do. Important things. Just...give me something, ok? Then I’ll get out of your hair,” he added, thinking it might work better if he made it sound like he was the one doing her a favor as he tried to resist the urge to huddle into a ball to conserve warmth, which was conspicuously lacking in here, or so he concluded from the way he was shivering now.

  • Oh really? Where'd you get your healer's degree?Healer Kapoor, Mon Feb 26 06:34
    Aisha had been just about to go and get some lunch when one of the older students walked in. He claimed he had a headache, but if he did, it had to be something more like a migraine. He looked about... more
    • University of Beinstubborn. You? — Joe Umland, Mon Feb 26 11:30
      • I don't think that's widely recognisedHealer Kapoor, Tue Feb 27 05:12
        Oh good. She had a little soldier on her hands, who wanted to keep on trooping. She could overlook the borderline rudeness in his tone, given that she doubted he was functioning anywhere near normal... more
        • It's a very exclusive institution.Joe Umland, Tue Feb 27 10:09
          Joe could only shrug slightly in response to the comment that his head was probably not the only thing which hurt. “Pulled something in m’back,” he conceded. He put up a hand to protectively cover... more
          • I think we should stick with my opinion on the matterHealer Kapoor, Wed Feb 28 06:07
            She was glad she hadn’t confirmed his identity using his full name, because that meant she still had it up her sleeve, said in reproving tones, to wield if he continued to be difficult. Which he... more
            • Joe almost began to protest again as his shoes began removing themselves - admitting that he was ill was not the same thing as saying he was too weak and feeble to even take off his own shoes! - but... more
              • You might have to get used to itAisha Kapoor, Fri Mar 2 20:24
                (OOC - agreed with Joe’s author in chatzy that he’s mistaking sunset for sunrise, otherwise he’s been out solid for 20 hours) He gave one last feeble attempt at arguing, and then was in bed, taking... more
                • Some hours earlier, implications - however solid - would have flown over Joe’s head. Now, though, he still felt terrible, but he was much more in command of his faculties, enough to realize a losing... more
                  • Things seem to be heading in the right directionHealer Kapoor, Sat Mar 3 06:17
                    “I hope that’s just cos you were feeling ill and is not a frequent habit, otherwise I suspect you’ll be back here rather often,” Aisha commented, when Joe said he’d only had coffee for sustenance... more
                    • Excellent.Joe, Sat Mar 3 21:09
                      “Not regular, no,” said Joe. “Food didn’t appeal, but I was...really sleepy and thought it would wake me up.” He paused and added, “It didn’t work.” He raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise when... more
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