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Healer Kapoor
Good idea
Tue Feb 27, 2018 06:53

No other symptoms, and he was already passed out solidly asleep. He’d been mumbling something about fire spells as he drifted off, but that was scarcely medical related and just seemed to be an incoherent ramble - hardly a surprise given his temperature. Having dismissed his room-mate, Aisha tidied away the thermometer and the empty potion vile, and drew the curtains around the bed that now contained a patient. She returned to her own room. The wards would wake her if anyone else entered, or anything changed with Jozua.


The next morning she awoke, made herself a rather large coffee and scribbled a note to the teachers of the intermediate classes until lunchtime to inform them that Jozua would be absent and the reason why.

She pottered quietly about, drawing one side of Jozua’s curtains open so she’d notice when he awoke, although she doubted that would be any time soon. Teenager boy, plus a rough night, plus being given something with an added dose of sleepy… He looked a lot better though, she was pleased to note.

It was well past ten when she finally looked up and found someone looking back.

“Good morning,” she smiled. “How are you feeling now?”

  • I'll just lay down here thenJozua, Sun Feb 25 09:21
    "Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw," Jozua told the Healer when she asked him for his name and House. He was capable of answering that, but if the questions got any more complicated, he wasn't sure his brain... more
    • Good idea — Healer Kapoor, Tue Feb 27 06:53
      • Jozua woke, still feeling a little bit fuzzy but a whole lot better than he’d been when he woke up Finn last night. He looked around, momentarily disoriented, but then he noticed and recognized the... more
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