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Here’s another one: rest and recuperation
Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:39

Jozua woke, still feeling a little bit fuzzy but a whole lot better than he’d been when he woke up Finn last night. He looked around, momentarily disoriented, but then he noticed and recognized the Healer. Ah, right. He’d fallen asleep again in the Hospital Wing.

He hadn’t quite managed to convince his limbs to propel him up into a sitting position when she realized he was awake and inquired into his current health. This gave Jozua the nudge he need to manage the sitting thing.

Once upright, he assessed his condition, and reported it aloud as it came to him. “Not so dizzy anymore. Still fuzzy headed. Don’t wanna go to classes today; can’t think that good yet. Time is it, anyway?” he questioned, noticing the angle of sunlight coming into the room and being pretty sure it was later than he’d first assumed upon awakening. Even on Saturdays he rarely slept much past eight, but he supposed being sick with a 103 fever would put anyone down for a longer count than normal.

He put a hand up to his forehead and guessed, “Might still have a low fever, but nowhere near as bad as when I came in.” Fevers, even low ones now, were totally good reasons to avoid class. “Can I get a medical excuse for the rest of the day?” It would be nice to actually have a solid reason for missing class for once this year. Even Professor Nash couldn’t complain if he had a note from the healer asserting that he really had a bonafide fever. “Wouldn’t mind a few more hours rest, either,” he added honestly, with a longing look toward the very inviting looking pillow he’d had the bad sense to leave behind when he sat up.

  • Good ideaHealer Kapoor, Tue Feb 27 06:53
    No other symptoms, and he was already passed out solidly asleep. He’d been mumbling something about fire spells as he drifted off, but that was scarcely medical related and just seemed to be an... more
    • Here’s another one: rest and recuperation — Jozua, Tue Feb 27 10:39
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