Healer Kapoor
I think we should stick with my opinion on the matter
Wed Feb 28, 2018 06:07

She was glad she hadn’t confirmed his identity using his full name, because that meant she still had it up her sleeve, said in reproving tones, to wield if he continued to be difficult. Which he looked like he might be. But just as she was preparing to full name shame him, he gave in and started mumbling about how he wanted to go to sleep.

“Let’s get you medicated and into bed,” she nodded, as he started to come around to the idea. She waved her wand and his shoes unfastened themselves, tugged themselves off his feet and trod over to a little locker beside the bed, where he could put anything he wanted to take off. “Maybe lose the robes, and anything warm you’re wearing like a sweater,” she advised. “I know you feel cold, but that’s just the fever, and you need to cool down.”

Aisha was not in the habit of lying to her patients, however tempting, and however much in their best interests in might be. And, if she was going to be their healer for the whole year, she needed them to trust her. If she betrayed Joe now, he’d only soldier on all the harder next time. Though hopefully he’d never be much worse than this.

“Fever reduction potion, non-drowsy variety,” she told him, handing him a bottle of sunshine yellow potion so that he could verify the label himself. “Now, you take that and have a nap. Your body will wake up when it feels well enough to handle things again. And until then, there’s no point forcing yourself through. You’ll only make a mess of things.”

  • It's a very exclusive institution.Joe Umland, Tue Feb 27 10:09
    Joe could only shrug slightly in response to the comment that his head was probably not the only thing which hurt. “Pulled something in m’back,” he conceded. He put up a hand to protectively cover... more
    • I think we should stick with my opinion on the matter — Healer Kapoor, Wed Feb 28 06:07
      • Joe almost began to protest again as his shoes began removing themselves - admitting that he was ill was not the same thing as saying he was too weak and feeble to even take off his own shoes! - but... more
        • You might have to get used to itAisha Kapoor, Fri Mar 2 20:24
          (OOC - agreed with Joe’s author in chatzy that he’s mistaking sunset for sunrise, otherwise he’s been out solid for 20 hours) He gave one last feeble attempt at arguing, and then was in bed, taking... more
          • Some hours earlier, implications - however solid - would have flown over Joe’s head. Now, though, he still felt terrible, but he was much more in command of his faculties, enough to realize a losing... more
            • Things seem to be heading in the right directionHealer Kapoor, Sat Mar 3 06:17
              “I hope that’s just cos you were feeling ill and is not a frequent habit, otherwise I suspect you’ll be back here rather often,” Aisha commented, when Joe said he’d only had coffee for sustenance... more
              • Excellent.Joe, Sat Mar 3 21:09
                “Not regular, no,” said Joe. “Food didn’t appeal, but I was...really sleepy and thought it would wake me up.” He paused and added, “It didn’t work.” He raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise when... more
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