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Lily Spencer
I just need a quick fix.
Thu Mar 1, 2018 15:15

The night before, Lily had been feeling more lethargic than usual and chilly, so she’d decided to sleep early to nip the virus before she really became ill. She didn’t sleep well. Throughout the night, she tossed and turned, but refused to get up and visit the Hospital Wing. She could fight it on her own; she was rarely ill, after all. It didn’t work, however, and she woke up light-headed with a strong inclination to stay in bed. Her father was a mediwizard, and in her few years of experience she knew how to tell that she had a fever and needed medicine. However, she decided to get on with her day in her endeavour to become a better student. A Prefect couldn’t stay in bed just because they felt like it, and she was not one for dramatising illnesses. Lily dressed, taking longer than usual to tie her trainers, and went to Cascade Hall for breakfast.

It felt chilly outside despite the sun shining. Lily went back to grab herself a coat, but it didn’t help much. She couldn’t taste her orange juice very well and her temples were throbbing. Lily put a hand to her forehead, but nothing seemed wrong. Nothing looked very appetising either, so she decided to skip her usual meal and drank water instead. After waiting a few minutes, she went to her first class, but as she tried to concentrate and cast her spells properly, she realised she could barely focus on the task at hand. She managed to avoid an explosive accident and decided to take it easy during the rest of her courses. Quidditch players were made of thicker skin than this; a mere chill wouldn’t knock her out.

As DADA continued, she could feel her body temperature rising. Her flushed cheeks weren’t subsiding, and even the simplest spells became difficult to perform. She rested her head on her hand for a good part of the lesson, her body feeling too heavy to lug about. Lily wanted very badly to fight the virus by her own strength – after all, she hardly was ill and Quidditch players needed to be strong in all circumstances – but she needed to heal quickly to be well enough to keep with her Seeker practises in MARS and with her Prefect duties. She’d grown up being taught that taking care of oneself was critical to doing anything well and that everyone needed medicinal potions here and there.

The rest of class felt like an eternity, but finally they were released and Lily dragged herself to the Hospital Wing. It took her some time to get there, first because she had forgotten where it was, and then because she was fighting the desire to curl up into a ball where she stood every step of the way.

Eventually, the English witch made it and leant against a chair, unable to stop her shivering. “I’ve got a fever,” she told the healer, “and I’ve had it since last night. It wasn’t so terrible yesterday, but it’s just gotten worse. I can’t miss classes though, I need to do well on my CATS else my parents’ll lock me up this summer.” Her words were slurring and she wasn’t enunciating well, but she didn’t notice.

Lily felt very close to fainting, so she sat down in the chair and took a deep breath. "Do you have any medicine that'll heal me quickly so I can return to class?" Class, at the moment, was the last place Lily wanted to be, but she'd never been so determined to achieve high marks as she was this year.

    • Not happeningHealer Kapoor, Fri Mar 2 09:52
      Another one? Firstly, another one with the same symptoms as the last two. That meant they officially had something nasty going round. Second of all, another one who just wanted to be fixed up and... more
      • I'm not complaining.Lily, Sun Mar 4 11:09
        Answering the healer's questions was difficult in the haze Lily was feeling, and she pinched her arm to make herself focus. She had no allergies nor any particular reactions to certain ingredients or ... more
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