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Healer Kapoor
Not happening
Fri Mar 2, 2018 09:52

Another one? Firstly, another one with the same symptoms as the last two. That meant they officially had something nasty going round. Second of all, another one who just wanted to be fixed up and sent back to class.

“Nope,” she replied, crossing her arms firmly, “You are not going to fail your CATS by missing one day of classes. There’s something going round, and my bet is you’ll need at least a couple of doses of fever remedy and a nice long rest to get rid of it.

“Name?” she asked. She could see the house on the front of the girl’s robes. Pecari. The other two had both been Teppenpaws…. She retrieved the girl’s notes, making sure she had no allergies and so on. The thermometre made its way over, pointedly hovering and perfectly willing to poke if it was not readily admitted. Soon it was squeaking out another fever of one hundred and three.

“Maybe if you’d come to me when you first felt ill, we could have knocked it on the head sooner, but now you’re going nowhere except that bed,” Anisha informed the girl. “I’m going to give you non-drowsy formula. We’ll see if you fancy dinner this evening, and then I’m putting you to bed with a dose of the knock out stuff.”

  • I just need a quick fix.Lily Spencer, Thu Mar 1 15:15
    The night before, Lily had been feeling more lethargic than usual and chilly, so she’d decided to sleep early to nip the virus before she really became ill. She didn’t sleep well. Throughout the... more
    • Not happening — Healer Kapoor, Fri Mar 2 09:52
      • I'm not complaining.Lily, Sun Mar 4 11:09
        Answering the healer's questions was difficult in the haze Lily was feeling, and she pinched her arm to make herself focus. She had no allergies nor any particular reactions to certain ingredients or ... more
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