Healer Kapoor
Things seem to be heading in the right direction
Sat Mar 3, 2018 06:17

“I hope that’s just cos you were feeling ill and is not a frequent habit, otherwise I suspect you’ll be back here rather often,” Aisha commented, when Joe said he’d only had coffee for sustenance that morning.

“Any more specific direction than tea?” she asked. She was solidly a coffee drinker, but her family being Indian, she knew a thing or two about how diverse a subject tea could be. As could coffee, for that matter, of course. In fact, it was just generally best to take further direction when preparing hot beverages. She scribbled down any details Joe gave her regarding tea type, planning to let him supervise the actual brewing time himself, seeing as that matter could be sensitive to a degree of minutes, and sent the note flying off.

“You’ve been here about six, seven hours?” she suggested, gesturing at the clock. It was behind his bed, so understandable that he might not have noticed. “You came in at lunchtime. Today,” she clarified.

“No one’s at their best when their ill, don’t worry,” she said, when he apologised, smiling appreciatively. For all that it came with the territory, it was still nice when people recognised their bad behaviour and said something about it.

One of the prairie elves entered bearing a tray of toast, with butter to the side, and a small stack of teabags. Aisha placed one in a cup, pouring in boiling water from her wand and set it in front of Joe.

“Let me know if you want anything else before we knock you out for the night. I mean, food or otherwise. A book. A game of tic-tac-toe. Nothing too taxing though. I am not getting your homework or any volumes of theoretical transfiguration sent over.”

  • Some hours earlier, implications - however solid - would have flown over Joe’s head. Now, though, he still felt terrible, but he was much more in command of his faculties, enough to realize a losing... more
    • Things seem to be heading in the right direction — Healer Kapoor, Sat Mar 3 06:17
      • Excellent.Joe, Sat Mar 3 21:09
        “Not regular, no,” said Joe. “Food didn’t appeal, but I was...really sleepy and thought it would wake me up.” He paused and added, “It didn’t work.” He raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise when... more
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