Sat Mar 3, 2018 21:09

“Not regular, no,” said Joe. “Food didn’t appeal, but I was...really sleepy and thought it would wake me up.” He paused and added, “It didn’t work.”

He raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise when asked for specifics about how he would prefer to take his tea. “Assam if you’ve got it, please,” he said. “English breakfast - whatever sort you’ve got - if you don’t. No milk, no sugar, or anything.” He often liked a bit of sugar in his tea, but when it was true head-clearing he needed, adding things in just seemed to dull the effect. The exception was John’s tea, which tended to have so much lemon in it when same was available that one’s eyes were pulled open just by the degree to which one’s mouth abruptly twisted, but Joe didn’t consider that a proper exception because John’s tea had more in common with the category ‘chemical weapons’ than the category ‘beverages.’

The smile made Joe relax a bit, confident he had gotten back on the right foot with her. “Thank you both,” he said when a prairie elf brought a tray and the Healer started steeping tea. Perhaps this wasn’t so bad, this invalid thing, or wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t felt so terrible.

He did not want volumes of theoretical Transfiguration, but would have liked a chance to start making up all the things he’d missed. However, he couldn’t see any benefits in starting an argument, and doubted he could focus much anyway. “Is the newspaper too strenuous?” he asked. “Mine - ‘s from Canada - should be in my room, I think - I didn’t read it this morning.” Mom liked for them to be informed, and in his case specifically, have some idea what was going on back home. Joe liked the crossword and had come to regard the Society Bee as a bit of a guilty pleasure read even when nobody he knew was in it.

  • Things seem to be heading in the right directionHealer Kapoor, Sat Mar 3 06:17
    “I hope that’s just cos you were feeling ill and is not a frequent habit, otherwise I suspect you’ll be back here rather often,” Aisha commented, when Joe said he’d only had coffee for sustenance... more
    • Excellent. — Joe, Sat Mar 3 21:09
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