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I'm not complaining.
Sun Mar 4, 2018 11:09

Answering the healer's questions was difficult in the haze Lily was feeling, and she pinched her arm to make herself focus. She had no allergies nor any particular reactions to certain ingredients or medications.

It was odd to hear that there was a virus going around; she hadn't talked to anyone else about having a fever and no one had the common symptoms. Being ill, Lily was in no mood to fight, so she acquiesced to all that the healer said and asked of her.

When the thermometre squeaked out her temperature, Lily's eyes widened. One hundred and three! She had never had a fever that high before.

She ignored the healer's chastising and took the formula. Missing classes, if she were being honest, did not sound like a bad thing. The farce of being interested in her subjects was difficult to keep up here in the Hospital Wing. "I suppose I'll just... lie here?" she asked. One of the worst bits about being sick was lying in bed with nothing to entertain herself with. It was incredibly dull being ill at times. Still, the bed looked very inviting and she crawled into it. Despite the non-drowsy formula, she felt her eyelids closing and soon she was unconscious.

  • Not happeningHealer Kapoor, Fri Mar 2 09:52
    Another one? Firstly, another one with the same symptoms as the last two. That meant they officially had something nasty going round. Second of all, another one who just wanted to be fixed up and... more
    • I'm not complaining. — Lily, Sun Mar 4 11:09
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