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Zevalyn Ives (with Jozua Sparks)
Winter Came Early, Didn’t It?
Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:07

Zevalyn shivered, the greenhouse feeling frigid in this bitter autumn cold snap. She was feeling a bit listless too, in addition to cold, but Georgia’s shriek got her sitting up straight and looking around for her her best friend. . . who was gone. Fortunately, Professor Xavier seemed to have the problem in hand, though he inexplicably took the time out of dealing with Georgia’s emergency to point at Jozua, seated next to her, and order, “Take Zevalyn to the hospital wing!”

Zevalyn was about to protest, but then the professor cast a finite and the already frigid greenhouse became downright intolerable with cold. She immediately began chattering and barely noticed Jozua helping her to her feet and out the door. Outside was colder still and Jozua - she had misjudged him, he was a decent sort after all - gave her his robes to wrap around herself, and he walked back to the school in these winter conditions wearing nothing but short sleeves and didn’t even complain about it.

They eventually made it in to the Hospital Wing, which was also cold. One would think a wizard school could handle a bit of a cold weather, even if it was a bit out of season, better that this.

“She’s got a fever,” Jozua told the Healer. “Zevalyn Ives, Fifth year, Aladren.” He seemed to know the drill here.

But wait, fever? “I don’t have - oh.” Wait. That must be why Jozua hadn’t looked even a little bit chilly walking back. It wasn’t actually as cold as she was perceiving it. “It started on the way out to Herbology. I thought it was just cold outside.” She rubbed her arms, “and inside. Do you have a blanket?”

“The greenhouse was like a million degrees,” Jozua put in, “and she was still cold.”

“It was not that warm,” she disagreed. “It was cold there, too.”

“I was sweating. See? Smell me.” He stepped closed and raised an arm.

“Ug! Yuck!” No, he was a terrible person after all. A stinky smelly terrible person.

    • No, it really didn'tAisha Kapoor, Fri Mar 30 20:44
      Aisha was becoming less and less surprised at the sight of shivering students appearing in the hospital wing. “Thank you,” she nodded at Jozua. He and Joe had been the opposite types of patients… Joe ... more
      • A little laterKir, Georgia and Healer Kapoor, Wed Apr 4 12:06
        (OOC - I write for all three characters, hence the joint post. This is set later that same day). IC It had started with the intention of borrowing Georgia’s class notes, so he could take them to... more
        • Nice to see youZevalyn, Sun Apr 8 14:35
          Zevalyn was relieved when the Healer sent Jozua away. He was so - ugh. Though, in her disgust, she had forgotten to be miserable with cold and fatigue for a moment. For just a moment, she wondered if ... more
          • Amber was definitely looking better, he was pleased to note. She was engaging in the suitably Aladren-like behaviour of sitting up reading, and was no longer shivering convulsively. All good signs.... more
            • Does this medicine make people extra wordy?Zevalyn, Wed Apr 18 22:42
              Zevalyn blinked in surprise at Kir’s apparently very low opinion of Crotali. She had already basically eliminated all the Crotalus boys in or near her year as potential ball dates, because she... more
              • Something round here definitely doesKir, Thu Apr 19 08:18
                He got a blink and an ‘erm.’ He tried to tell himself that it could have gone down worse, in that Zevalyn didn’t seem actively upset with him for being a deeply horrible person who had said such a... more
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