Parker Fitzgerald
I came to speak with an adult
Thu Mar 29, 2018 08:54

Cleo's advice had been good. More importantly she was speaking to him again. As Parker had made his way to the Hospital Wing though he began having second thoughts. What if it wasn't anything. What if he was just still a bit crazy with his magic and had accidental magic go off for no reason? What if the healer just rolls her eyes? Parker slowed down his walk a bit.

This is just silly. It seems that students have this happen to them all the time. Cleo with her fire. Jouza with... well different things. Even Nathaniel seemed to have it. Though Nathaniel was a first year, he was still from a magical family and Parker had noticed those from magical families seemed to be more adept at using their skills.

Parker stopped in the hallway. He was trying to decide if he should continue towards the healer or not. He turned to look back down the hall and imagined lying to Cleo that he'd gone to see the healer and she'd said he was ok.

Parker shook his head. He knew that he couldn't do that, not if he wanted Cleo to start telling him the truth. So Parker took a big breath in. A breath to hold in his resolve. And continued walking.

He was thinking about how he would explain to the healer how he'd made a bird-fish and then exploded as he got to the door. It opened and Parker kept right on walking into the room, the door closing behind him without him touching it.

Parker took a deep breath and started counting, like his mom had taught him, while he waited for the healer to come out of her office.

    • I totally count as one of thoseAisha Kapoor, Fri Mar 30 21:22
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      • If I survive I might be one someday tooParker, Pecari, Tue Apr 17 18:36
        Parker looked up as Healer Kapoor entered. She looked relieved, which Parker guessed might disappear in a few minutes. After he told her about well, what was happening, but first Parker felt a bit... more
        • Yes. Definitely. We're not all just pretending.Aisha Kapoor, Wed Apr 18 08:24
          Aisha smiled kindly at Parker when he said shed been nice before, hoping that hed be encouraged to continue, seeing as he seemed a bit unsure about coming to her, and glad to find that she had... more
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