Aisha Kapoor
I totally count as one of those
Fri Mar 30, 2018 21:22

Aisha was out back, enjoying a cup of coffee and a sneaky chocolate bar when the wards alerted her to someone entering the main part of the hospital wing. She put the remainder of the candy down, but still held onto her mug - if she left it on her desk, it would be stone cold by the time she was done with a patient, but you could usually find time to sip as you worked, unless someone was seriously injured. She came out, expecting another fever case, and was surprised to find someone who looked entirely healthy. Although someone she already knew. She wondered whether the letter she’d written to Parker’s mother hadn’t done the job - she had explained that he was fine, that he was biologically still a human being, and that his mother was more than capable of attending to him as she always had done. Perhaps he was feeling ill but, like a nice sensible boy, had come to see her before it got too serious. She had asked the deputy headmistress to emphasise to students that they should see her sooner rather than later if they were feeling under the weather. It was a pleasant change to find someone who seemed like they weren’t about to collapse.

“Hello again,” she smiled. “What can I do for you today?”

OOC - for future reference, if you’re doing something like coming to see a staff member, you can assume that they are there/appear out of the office/tell you to come in and take a seat without it counting as god-modding. People usually use a construction like ‘Once the medic appeared, he explained…’ or ‘Once he heard Professor Wright answer, he went in and took a seat.’

  • I came to speak with an adultParker Fitzgerald, Thu Mar 29 08:54
    Cleo's advice had been good. More importantly she was speaking to him again. As Parker had made his way to the Hospital Wing though he began having second thoughts. What if it wasn't anything. What... more
    • I totally count as one of those — Aisha Kapoor, Fri Mar 30 21:22
      • If I survive I might be one someday tooParker, Pecari, Tue Apr 17 18:36
        Parker looked up as Healer Kapoor entered. She looked relieved, which Parker guessed might disappear in a few minutes. After he told her about well, what was happening, but first Parker felt a bit... more
        • Yes. Definitely. We're not all just pretending.Aisha Kapoor, Wed Apr 18 08:24
          Aisha smiled kindly at Parker when he said she’d been nice before, hoping that he’d be encouraged to continue, seeing as he seemed a bit unsure about coming to her, and glad to find that she had... more
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