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Kir, Georgia and Healer Kapoor
A little later
Wed Apr 4, 2018 12:06

(OOC - I write for all three characters, hence the joint post. This is set later that same day).

It had started with the intention of borrowing Georgia’s class notes, so he could take them to Zevalyn. But Kir had felt obliged to ask how she was, post-invisibility. Well, not obliged… He liked her, and he had been worried by her disappearance because that was not really a thing that was meant to happen. And she had seemed a little run down from the whole thing - complaining of feeling kind of sluggish, and between the fact that there was a fever going round and her best friend had it, Kir hadn’t been exactly surprised when he’d put a hand on her forehead and found it was on the warm side, so now he was making two deliveries to the hospital wing instead of one… Not that Georgia wouldn’t have been capable of going by herself, she didn’t seem super sick yet, but he was going anyway, and it was always nice to have a bit of moral support.

“Hi,” Georgia greeted the healer a little awkwardly. “I… I don’t think I’m that sick?” she added questioningly, “But… I dunno. I feel kinda off. And I went invisible earlier. And Kir said I should come see you just in case…”

“I think Kir sounds very sensible - I assume that’s you?” the healer nodded approvingly at the boy. “Better to catch it before it gets serious. And are you just here to help - not feeling sick yourself?” she added.

“Actually, I was coming to visit A- Zevalyn. If that’s allowed.”

“Quiet, well behaved visitors are permitted,” she nodded, without too much warning in her voice, seeing as he’d already given some evidence that he belonged to that category. “Now, you come over here and have a seat,” she added to Georgia, drawing a curtain (which seemed to block out a surprising amount of sound as well as screening people from view) across the middle of the room so that she could speak to her new patient in private.

Kir made his way over to Zevalyn’s bed.

“Hi,” he smiled. “How are you feeling? I brought you notes from the classes you missed - I tried to take down anything relevant to the fifth years alongside my own notes. I was going to borrow Georgia’s for you too, but well, you see how that ended.” He placed the stack of parchments on Zevalyn’s bedside table, hoping that she appreciated the gesture. Flowers were, of course, much more traditional… But she wasn’t really very traditional, which he liked, and she was an Aladren, so maybe she’d appreciate the class notes more. Still… flowers were thoughtful…. He vacillated, wondering which would have been better. Beside him, the pages began folding themselves, until a pretty little stack of origami blossoms had made themselves out of the notes.

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    • A little later — Kir, Georgia and Healer Kapoor, Wed Apr 4 12:06
      • Nice to see youZevalyn, Sun Apr 8 14:35
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            • Something round here definitely doesKir, Thu Apr 19 08:18
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