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Nice to see you
Sun Apr 8, 2018 14:35

Zevalyn was relieved when the Healer sent Jozua away. He was so - ugh. Though, in her disgust, she had forgotten to be miserable with cold and fatigue for a moment. For just a moment, she wondered if he had done that on purpose? No. Not likely.

She opened her mouth dutifully for the thermometer and was not terribly surprised that it reported the other two had guessed correctly. 102. Not the worst fever she'd ever heard off, but definitely something that needed to be treated. And if it wasn't actually frigid in here, then treatment was more than welcome, though the idea of removing her layers was not. Reluctantly she did so, and realized she still had Jozua's robes. Well, she'd figure out how to get them back to him later.

"No allergies, just some fatigue for other symptoms," she answered the questions, as she wasn't actually aware of having raised the temperature in the greenhouse, despite Jozua bringing it up. She just figured it was a greenhouse. Greenhouses were hot, weren't they? Especially if it wasn't really zero degrees outside like she'd thought it was. The thing with her CoMC notes didn't even occur to her to bring up, as that had been over a week ago.

She took her medicine and laid down, glad for the opportunity to rest and thankful that she'd escaped the pus plants, even if it meant she was losing the XP for that encounter.

She woke some hours later, feeling much better, and more temperature-normal, if a tiny bit warm, and found a book to read. She was a few chapters in when Kir and Georgia came in. She smiled sympathetically at Georgia, but she was secretly glad she'd have a bit of company until the thermometer said her temperature returned to normal (it was currently at a respectable 99.0, as of about fifteen minutes ago) and she was allowed to go back to her own room.

While Georgia got checked out, Zev turned her attention to Kir and smiled gratefully as he offered her the class notes. "Thank you," she said and meant it, "I only just caught up, and I don't want to fall behind again. And thanks for helping Georgia," she added, because that was important, too. "She's my best friend," she told him, in case he hadn't realized that, "So I'm glad someone was looking out for her while I'm stuck in here." She went to pick up the class notes to glance through them to see if she had any questions about them, and then stopped, because they had folded them into flowers while she was talking. "Oh, um, well, that's . . . pretty," she said. Not practical for reading them, but . . . pretty. "Did you charm them?" she asked, impressed by the spell quality and creativity, if not the function of the charm.

  • A little laterKir, Georgia and Healer Kapoor, Wed Apr 4 12:06
    (OOC - I write for all three characters, hence the joint post. This is set later that same day). IC It had started with the intention of borrowing Georgia’s class notes, so he could take them to... more
    • Nice to see you — Zevalyn, Sun Apr 8 14:35
      • Amber was definitely looking better, he was pleased to note. She was engaging in the suitably Aladren-like behaviour of sitting up reading, and was no longer shivering convulsively. All good signs.... more
        • Does this medicine make people extra wordy?Zevalyn, Wed Apr 18 22:42
          Zevalyn blinked in surprise at Kir’s apparently very low opinion of Crotali. She had already basically eliminated all the Crotalus boys in or near her year as potential ball dates, because she... more
          • Something round here definitely doesKir, Thu Apr 19 08:18
            He got a blink and an ‘erm.’ He tried to tell himself that it could have gone down worse, in that Zevalyn didn’t seem actively upset with him for being a deeply horrible person who had said such a... more
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