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I come bearing black humour and awkward personal problems
Mon Apr 9, 2018 07:30

Amber was definitely looking better, he was pleased to note. She was engaging in the suitably Aladren-like behaviour of sitting up reading, and was no longer shivering convulsively. All good signs. He was sure she’d be back to her usual adventuring self soon enough.

“I reckon I’ll be getting offered a job here soon. Or possibly ending up here myself. She’s the second one I’ve brought in. This horrible fever that’s spreading round everyone better not be contagious,” he joked. “And glad to help. Georgia’s nice. And we’re the friendly house, after all,” he smiled, when she thanked him for looking after her friend. “I hear in Crotalus that if you can’t trace your family back three generations they just leave you dying on the floor. Sorry,” he added quickly, realising how callous that probably sounded, “I… I don’t really mean that,” figuring that wasn’t much of an explanation he added. “My family is ex-society, so they have a pretty dark sense of humour about the whole thing.”

He glanced at the notes as Zevalyn went to pick them up and did a double take. Even if he had been inclined to lie - which he was not - he was pretty sure the look on his face right now meant it wouldn’t be credible if he said ‘yes.’ He was about to say ‘no’ when an even more honest answer sprung to mind…

“Not intentionally,” he said, regarding the flowers with suspicion. “But… I mean, I was thinking about it. I mean, how people normally brought flowers but I’d brought homework instead. And earlier, I… I think I made something move.” And right before his nails had been painted, hadn’t he been thinking about the Tepp girls who’d been doing that? He honestly thought he was a much likelier candidate for making himself over than Amber was.

“I guess it’s going around this year,” he added, going rather red, because for all that Zevalyn thought she’d done it too, and Jozua definitely had it was kind of embarrassing. Like he wasn’t completely in control of his own body. Which, he knew that as a teenager, he couldn’t fully expect to be… His dad had had a really, really awkward conversation with him about those kinds of things. Like, how his voice was going to go through a phase of embarrassing the hell out of him. And… other stuff. Other stuff that he definitely didn’t want to discuss with Amber, and so if accidental magicking was on the same list as… as that stuff, then…Just no. So much no. But awkward as he’d found the talk with his dad,his family was pretty open about Teenage Things and they hadn’t mentioned this being a possibility. Which either meant that it wasn’t, or that it was so taboo that even his family didn’t want to talk about it.

“So, uh, homework or flowers? For future reference - though hopefully I won’t need to visit you again here.”

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    • I come bearing black humour and awkward personal problems — Kir, Mon Apr 9 07:30
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