Kir McLeod
Adding to the body count
Fri Apr 13, 2018 20:24

“It seems to be going around the intermediates already,” Kir said, when Nathaniel warned him to stay away, “I’ll refrain from licking things you’ve touched and otherwise take my chances,” he shrugged. “Come on.”

He led the way down to the hospital wing, knocking and entering when he heard the medic’s voice.

“He, uh, has a fever,” he explained, not quite sure whether he should be speaking for Nathaniel, seeing as he wasn’t that incapacitated, but feeling like he was being the Responsible Older Student and should help explain, especially as he still thought Nathaniel might be feeling kind of shy or overwhelemed or… something.

The healer nodded, and started asking Nathaniel questions, getting out his notes and so on. Kir hesitated. He didn’t exactly think he was doing anything of use, but he felt sorry for Nathaniel, being all small and sick and alone and wasn’t sure whether he still needed a degree of metaphorical hand holding through the whole process.

“Seems like you’re in good hands,” he commented to Nathaniel, trying to keep his comment neutral, waiting for Nathaniel to tell him to go rather than assuming he should leave. “Do you want me to let your cousin know you’re here, either now or in the morning?” he asked, remembering they were close.

OOC - this thread is set before Zevalyn's, as in the Teppenpaw posts, it specifically mentioned it was the same day as DADA. Yay timelines/fuzzytime.

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    • Adding to the body count — Kir McLeod, Fri Apr 13 20:24
      • I’m the body.Nathaniel Mordue, Sun Apr 15 16:32
        Nathaniel’s color was already poor and irregular, so he did not blanch at the idea of someone licking things he had touched. The flesh around his nose and mouth did draw back slightly in horror,... more
        • Try not to be?Kir, Mon Apr 16 09:14
          Given the look on Nathaniel’s face, he didn’t get Kir’s sense of humour. He wasn’t exactly surprised. Purebloods weren’t well known for encouraging kookiness. It didn’t matter to him. He amused... more
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