Kir McLeod
Symptoms include self pity
Sat Apr 14, 2018 06:09

This was what you got for being nice. Of course, Nathaniel had tried to warn him off, and he wouldn’t exactly have changed the fact that he had helped either him or Georgia, or gone to visit Zevalyn, especially as - with the fever doing the rounds, and being the same thing as all the accidental magic - who knew when and how exactly he’d been exposed to it. Still, it was easy to feel grumpy now that he was actually feeling ill, especially when he questioned where exactly all his niceness had got him. He had woken up in the early hours of the morning, sweating and shivering, and all he’d wanted to do was pull the covers tighter around himself and go back to sleep. But who was going to look after him? Answer, no one. He roomed by himself. He wasn’t sure that he was close enough friends with anyone that they would notice his absence. Sure, there were people who liked him, who he sat with sometimes for breakfast, but he wasn’t sure how long it would take anyone to notice he was missing if he didn’t. If it had been a school day, he guessed his teachers would mark him absent and then maybe investigate. He liked to think that if it was a D&D day, he’d be missed come evening, and that they might try to find out why. But right now was the holidays and… well, ok, it was weird that they were stuck at school, so it wasn’t exactly a normal situation but the fact remained that it was down to him to look after himself because no one else was going to, and that he was left with the distinct feeling that if he came down ill on an average Friday night, it was possible that no one would even notice until Monday morning, by which point he could be dead if it was something serious.

Around seven, he dragged himself out of bed, deciding that he would be better off in the hospital wing. He picked up his book from the bedside table, figuring he might well need it later, especially if no one came to visit him. He was rereading ‘The Mouse Wizard,’ one of his favourite childhood books. It was about a mouse that inhabited the corridors of Hogwarts, observing the human goings on. There were a few different titles in the series… Sometimes the Mouse Wizard meddled with the humans, righting wrongs, sorting out bullies and the like. Sometimes he snaffled potions ingredients and got up to his own magic. He was kind of surprised the library here had it, seeing as it was more a middle school kind of reading level - designed to make the idea of going away to boarding school seem appealing and fun, rather than scary. He’d checked it out of the library when he’d found out they were stuck here for Midterm, and he’d felt the need for some home comfort. Which was another sucky thing about being ill… If they hadn’t had the stupid quarantine, he’d be home by now, and his parents and aunts would have taken turns to come and play games with him or read to him.

He let himself into the hospital wing.

“I don’t feel well,” he complained, when he saw the healer, sounding both pathetic and miserable, finding his lip trembled slightly as he said it. He wished he could have been at home. Or at least have had more friends, so that he knew someone would care that he was sick. The healer put him back to bed, with a dose of Fever Be Gone, and some sympathetic words, although it didn’t do much to immediately make him feel physically or emotionally any better.

“Do you want some company?” she offered, seeing how miserable he seemed - it had to suck. No one liked being sick, but sick, during the holidays, and away from family… Poor kid.
He did want company. But he knew by that she meant hers, rather than magically making his family or barely existent friends appear, so he politely declined, picking ‘The Mouse Wizard’ back up instead. He read a couple of pages but by the third page he realised he’d reread it several times without noticing what it said, in spite of the fact that it was both aimed at eight year olds and a book he knew inside out. He put it back down on his bedside table and fell asleep.

OOC - as all staff are able to write for the Healer, I figured I’d include her in Kir’s post to make things move faster.

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