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Nathaniel Mordue
I’m the body.
Sun Apr 15, 2018 16:32

Nathaniel’s color was already poor and irregular, so he did not blanch at the idea of someone licking things he had touched. The flesh around his nose and mouth did draw back slightly in horror, however, as his mouth twisted at the idea and his brain, fuzzy and off task, focused far more attention and significance on the remark than it warranted.

“That’s…that’s good,” he said faintly.

It was easiest to fix his gaze somewhere just above the floor, but the dark eyelashes rose when Kir answered the Healer’s questions for him, allowing green eyes to regard the older boy with some surprise. He was perfectly capable of speaking for himself, and in fact puzzled about why Kir was still here; Nathaniel had clearly seen the door already. The assistance he had asked for had been provided, so why, exactly, was this older boy who presumably had affairs of his own to see to staying around as though he were Sylvia?

He answered the Healer’s questions as best he could, then looked back at Kir when addressed again. “My cousin – “ he said, briefly confused about why Kir would tell Simon that he was ill, and then he realized the obvious. “Oh. You mean Sylvia. Yes – she’ll want to know where I am. You can’t be informal with her, though,” he added vaguely, recalling their first conversation at the Opening Feast. “She’s a Crotalus, you see.”

  • Adding to the body countKir McLeod, Fri Apr 13 20:24
    “It seems to be going around the intermediates already,” Kir said, when Nathaniel warned him to stay away, “I’ll refrain from licking things you’ve touched and otherwise take my chances,” he... more
    • I’m the body. — Nathaniel Mordue, Sun Apr 15 16:32
      • Try not to be?Kir, Mon Apr 16 09:14
        Given the look on Nathaniel’s face, he didn’t get Kir’s sense of humour. He wasn’t exactly surprised. Purebloods weren’t well known for encouraging kookiness. It didn’t matter to him. He amused... more
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