Try not to be?
Mon Apr 16, 2018 09:14

Given the look on Nathanielís face, he didnít get Kirís sense of humour. He wasnít exactly surprised. Purebloods werenít well known for encouraging kookiness. It didnít matter to him. He amused himself.

ďI see. Iíll do my best then,Ē he nodded, when Nathaniel warned him not to be informal with his cousin. Frankly, Sylvia Mordue was going to have to take him as he came, although a vision crept into his mind of himself sweeping off a top hat and announcing that he deeply regretted having to inform her of Master Nathaniel Mordueís current state of ague. It was amusing enough that he almost wanted to do it, but he didnít make fun of people. However, nor was he going to put on airs and graces he didnít possess. Still, there was no point arguing that out with Nathaniel or making him worry. He glanced at his watch. ďIíll tell her in the morning?Ē he suggested, seeing as it was only about an hour until curfew, and Nathaniel seemed like he was likely to be given an early night.

Nathaniel had managed the Healerís questions, and didnít seem to be much beyond sleepy and confused, so Kir figured it was fine to leave him.

ďHope you feel better,Ē he wished him, heading out.

  • Iím the body.Nathaniel Mordue, Sun Apr 15 16:32
    Nathanielís color was already poor and irregular, so he did not blanch at the idea of someone licking things he had touched. The flesh around his nose and mouth did draw back slightly in horror,... more
    • Try not to be? — Kir, Mon Apr 16 09:14
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