Parker, Pecari
If I survive I might be one someday too
Tue Apr 17, 2018 18:36

Parker looked up as Healer Kapoor entered. She looked relieved, which Parker guessed might disappear in a few minutes. After he told her about well, what was happening, but first Parker felt a bit hot.

"Hi, umm..." Parker tugged at his shirt collar a bit, "I told my friend I'd talk to an adult, and I thought you'd be the best adult to talk to about something that happened yesterday since you were so nice to me before." Parker could feel his mouth running away from him again, but it felt like it kept getting hotter and hotter, and he wanted to let her know or maybe warn her before this got worse.

"I'm sorry, is it getting hot in here?" Parker asked waving his hand at his face. He had felt fine walking in, maybe he had gotten sick just coming to the hospital. Oh wouldn't that be perfect. Getting sick by going to talk to an adult. His throat felt weird too.

"Can I have some water?"

Parker closed his eyes, the image of the inside of the MARS room came up. No he had to explain why he'd come, even if it meant getting sick.

"I'm sorry. I was talking to my friend about something that happened yesterday and she told me to talk to an adult if I was worried. I don't know if it is normal for boys, since I don't come from a magical family, but I kind of exploded in a MARS room yesterday. I felt weird... kind of like now, but not, and then I exploded... I think. At least it looked like an explosion had gone off around me."

Parker started getting cold and rubbed his arms while talking. Part way through describing the event in the MARS room he began rocking back and forth in the chair. Now he knew he was getting sick.
"Cold... I think I have..."

Parker didn't finish his sentence, he felt terrible. Though he didn't feel like he was going to throw up, he didn't feel like talking was going to help. He began to curl up on the seat, trying to get warmer. If he was human, like the healer had said, than his mom's history of taking care of him at the slightest instance of sickness meant he had a flu. A really not nice one.

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    • If I survive I might be one someday too — Parker, Pecari, Tue Apr 17 18:36
      • Yes. Definitely. We're not all just pretending.Aisha Kapoor, Wed Apr 18 08:24
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