Aisha Kapoor
Yes. Definitely. We're not all just pretending.
Wed Apr 18, 2018 08:24

Aisha smiled kindly at Parker when he said she’d been nice before, hoping that he’d be encouraged to continue, seeing as he seemed a bit unsure about coming to her, and glad to find that she had gained the status of ‘competent and trustworthy adult’ with at least one person.

Although things rapidly went downhill from there. She fetched him a glass of water when he asked, but she was already summoning the thermometre. It hovered patiently, waiting for him to finish talking, but he was looking decidedly unwell before it got the chance to pop itself into his mouth.

“There’s a fever been going around,” Aisha informed him, “And it looks like you’ve got it. Get into bed, and I’ll bring you some medication,” she advised, as the thermometre confirmed what was evident just by looking at him. He hadn’t quite hit the heights of some of the other cases yet, but he was definitely ill.

“As for the other part… It’s probably due to you being ill. I’m sure you’ve come quite a long way, but you have only had one year of study. When your body gets busy with something else, like fighting off a bug, it can knock your magic control,” she had been quite concerned by him reporting himself as having ‘exploded’ even though he looked fine, although by the time he’d finished explaining, it seemed more like he’d damaged the room around him than anything had happened to him, “I’m sure you’ll be back to normal once the fever’s gone. Here, drink this,” she advised, holding out a vile of the cheerful orangey-yellow ‘Fever Be Gone.’ If he was anything like the others, he’d be asleep within a short time of taking it, even though he was getting the non-drowsy version for now.

  • If I survive I might be one someday tooParker, Pecari, Tue Apr 17 18:36
    Parker looked up as Healer Kapoor entered. She looked relieved, which Parker guessed might disappear in a few minutes. After he told her about well, what was happening, but first Parker felt a bit... more
    • Yes. Definitely. We're not all just pretending. — Aisha Kapoor, Wed Apr 18 08:24
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