Zevalyn Ives
I may have a cure for that
Wed May 2, 2018 11:13

Zev had breakfasted at the Teppenpaw table as she did almost all the time lately. Mainly that was because Georgia was there, and there were fewer books to spill things on in Teppenpaw, but the last couple of weeks, since he came to visit her when she was sick, she’d also made a point of smiling and waving at Kir. He wasn’t there today.

After asking around a bit after finishing her breakfast with Georgia, and he still hadn’t shown up, she asked around a bit until she found somebody who reported seeing him heading toward the Hospital Wing.

This put her in a bit of a conundrum as it was midterm and she had no fifth year Aladren-grade class notes to bring him, as he had declared would be a ‘tempting’ gift. He’d kind of implied balloons were good too before they got off topic on the evils of gendering color, but she didn’t know where to get balloons at short notice while quarantined in school.

She supposed she could bring him his Christmas gift early, but then she wouldn’t have anything to give him on Christmas. She wasn’t sure that while recovering from a fever was really the best time to read Homer anyway. (Because what else besides a two-pack of the Illiad and Odyssey does one buy for an adventuring poet once you determine that lutes are not a thing you can just buy on a whim.)

So she triple checked with Georgia that Kir wasn’t her soulmate and the only boy she would ever consider going to a ball with, then spent way too long making Kir a get well card.

It was just as well, he was asleep when she got there. But the healer said he ought to be waking up soon and if she was quiet and didn’t disturb him, she could wait. So she pulled up a chair near his bed, and started reading his book about a magical mouse while she waited.

She hadn’t quite finished the short children’s book when he stirred. The healer bustled over and did some medical checks to make sure his fever was under control, but soon enough she bustled away again leaving them in relative privacy. “Hi,” she said, and offered him the card she made.

The front was traditional enough with a full rainbow, balloons (in every color except pink and blue) and the words “Get Well Soon!”

Inside, though, she’d mixed things up. Kir seemed like the kind of guy who liked bucking traditional gender roles, so she figured this would go over all right. When he opened it up, he’d find that, instead of some kind of inspirational message or cutesy joke about his recovering health, what it actually read was:

After your long rest to cure all your hit point damage, would you join me in the Dance Room of MARS in preparation for our date at the ball?
Yours Valorously,

She smiled and fidgeted as he read it, not quite as confident in real life as she had been the letter, which had been signed in Amber’s name, and Amber was always sure of herself, whereas Zevalyn was, well, less so. Still confident, but not as aggressively so. And she also worried a little about whether he would have preferred being asked as Kir rather than Erevan. But it was done now and she couldn’t take it back.

“So, um,” she said, smiling nervously, once she had allowed enough time for him to read it, “Do you want to go to the Ball with me, Kir?”

OOC: I’m assuming the Mouse Wizard is a beginner’s chapter book that can be read in less than an hour by advanced readers. If it’s longer than that either she’s exaggerating on how close to finishing it she was, or Kir slept longer than expected. :)

  • Symptoms include self pityKir McLeod, Sat Apr 14 06:09
    This was what you got for being nice. Of course, Nathaniel had tried to warn him off, and he wouldn’t exactly have changed the fact that he had helped either him or Georgia, or gone to visit Zevalyn, ... more
    • I may have a cure for that — Zevalyn Ives, Wed May 2 11:13
      • It seems to be working wondersKir, Thu May 3 09:14
        Kir dozed for a few hours, but he’d had a fairly full night’s rest, and so by mid-morning, once the fever had had its edge taken off by the medication, he found his eyes opening. And Amber sitting... more
        • Sorry, I might have made things worse againZevalyn, Tue May 8 11:42
          ”Yes,” the word released all the nerves that had gathered while Kir read the card and they scattered and skittered away into whatever dark corners hid such things when they weren’t actively bothering ... more
          • I'll recoverKir, Sat May 12 10:22
            “Common misconception,” he smiled wryly when she said Georgia thought he was gay. Ok, so two people perhaps wasn’t an epidemic, but he doubted that Jozua and Georgia were alone in their assumptions.... more
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