It seems to be working wonders
Thu May 3, 2018 09:14

Kir dozed for a few hours, but he’d had a fairly full night’s rest, and so by mid-morning, once the fever had had its edge taken off by the medication, he found his eyes opening. And Amber sitting there reading. He questioned for a second whether he was still dreaming, but if he was then every other detail about this was the most mundanely ordinary dream he’d ever had. Before he had a chance to say hello, the healer had come over, and was asking him how he felt. On the one hand, the answer was that he was feeling pretty happy right now. But from a medical point of view the first descriptor he could come up with was ‘still really crappy,’ but he was pretty sure that wasn’t a word you were meant to say to grown-ups.

“A bit less awful?” he rephrased. The thermometre was put back in his mouth, and announced that his fever was now ninety-nine, and that it advised him to stay in bed. Whilst that was down from the hundred and three it had been that morning, that definitely explained why he was still feeling so rough, and he wasn’t inclined to argue with its advice.

“At least you’re heading in the right direction,” the Healer smiled at him, “Your first dose of medication’s probably still working on you too, so I don’t think you need any more for now. Maybe after lunch. I’ll leave you to your visitor,” she smiled approvingly at Zevalyn, glad that Kir was getting visited in return after his kindness to everyone else.

“Thanks,” Kir managed to mumble politely. He sat up a bit, so he could talk to Zevalyn more easily, the back of his bed automatically adjusting itself as he did so.

He was no longer shivery. He felt hot and sweaty now, and fairly gross. He was pretty sure he looked gross too. He could tell from how it felt that his mouse-brown hair was all plastered down with sweat and he suspected he was all pasty looking. He felt pasty. He also hadn’t bothered to shower before shuffling down to the hospital wing, so in addition to looking bad, and feeling bad, he suspected he smelt pretty bad too. Hopefully that wasn’t noticeable from the distance Zevalyn was sitting at. There was also the fact, of which he was suddenly acutely aware, that he was wearing pyjamas. Not that there was anything wrong, as such, with his pyjamas - they really were very nice ones, fleecy and in McLeod tartan (it had become a bit of a traditional ‘going away to school’ present from his family, seeing as if they waited until Christmas to give them to him, half the colder months where he’d need them would be over). But, nice as they were, it felt distinctly weird to be wearing them in front of Zevalyn. When he had thought about her visiting, he hadn’t really thought through all the embarrassing parts of being ill - it would have been nice if she could somehow have visited him whilst he was sick without those having to be part of it. But that wasn’t exactly an option, an on balance he was still heart-thumping-just-that-little-bit-faster happy that she was here.

“Hi,” he smiled at her She was here… She’d noticed that he was missing, and she’d come to see him. How crappy he’d felt that morning already seemed like a dim and distant memory. And that was before she’d even presented him with the card. “Wow, thank you,” he appreciatively studied the front. She had clearly put some time and effort into making it, and she seemed to know him pretty well already. “It’s really cute,” he smiled,. He opened the card, and although he was expecting a fairly standard ‘get well’ message, he was curious to see whether he got a ‘To Kir’ or a ‘Dear Kir,’ whether it was ‘from’ or ‘love’ Zevalyn. Any little linguistic things that could be as easily explained by them being polite letter writing form, but which he could have fun over-analysing to death, trying to decide whether she liked him back, or whether that was just wishful thinking. Of course, the card was addressed to Erevan, which he appreciated. His eyes worked over the message and – right. Well. Once his brain had done the necessary leap to work out that she had switched from talking about the game to real life, then that was pretty unambiguous. He looked up, grinning so broadly that it almost certainly answered her question, although she still repeated it out loud.

“Yes,” he answered, before she’d had time to finish pronouncing the question mark. “I would love to.” He temporarily entertained the thought of leaning forward and hugging her before remembering the fact that he was both severely gross and wearing tartan pyjamas. Although he was now looking substantially better than he had when he’d first opened his eyes.

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    • It seems to be working wonders — Kir, Thu May 3 09:14
      • Sorry, I might have made things worse againZevalyn, Tue May 8 11:42
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