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Sorry, I might have made things worse again
Tue May 8, 2018 11:42

”Yes,” the word released all the nerves that had gathered while Kir read the card and they scattered and skittered away into whatever dark corners hid such things when they weren’t actively bothering her.

“Oh good,” she breathed out in relief. “Georgia thought you might be gay, so I wasn’t completely sure you’d be interested,” she blabbered, and then immediately kicked herself (figuratively) for letting that slip out aloud. He’d said yes, so either that was quite soundly wrong, or it was complicated enough that the hospital wing, with Kir still having a mild fever, was probably not the ideal place to discuss it.

“I mean,” she continued in spite of herself, “there were a good number of indicators to suggest you were interested, too, so I’m glad I wasn’t reading those wrong.”

This wasn’t going as well as she’d have hoped. Best to change the subject to something safe and easy. Like books. Books were always good topics. She noticed the one she was still holding in her lap, with a finger marking her place near the end. The light shawl she’d been wearing as an extra barrier against the winter chill had fallen over it, hiding it slightly from view but she pushed that aside so Kir could see what she was referencing better.

“If that’s not something you want to talk about here and now though, I’d be happy to discuss some of the themes in the Mouse Wizard instead. Is it part of a series, or a stand alone story?”

  • It seems to be working wondersKir, Thu May 3 09:14
    Kir dozed for a few hours, but he’d had a fairly full night’s rest, and so by mid-morning, once the fever had had its edge taken off by the medication, he found his eyes opening. And Amber sitting... more
    • Sorry, I might have made things worse again — Zevalyn, Tue May 8 11:42
      • I'll recoverKir, Sat May 12 10:22
        “Common misconception,” he smiled wryly when she said Georgia thought he was gay. Ok, so two people perhaps wasn’t an epidemic, but he doubted that Jozua and Georgia were alone in their assumptions.... more
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