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I'll recover
Sat May 12, 2018 10:22

“Common misconception,” he smiled wryly when she said Georgia thought he was gay. Ok, so two people perhaps wasn’t an epidemic, but he doubted that Jozua and Georgia were alone in their assumptions. Zev seemed to understand that he both was not gay, and had been flirting with her, which was the main thing. He knew she needed a partner for the opening dance as a prefect, but her comments seemed to imply this was more than that. It was a date date. Not a convenient arrangement type date. “I’m glad you could see through the cloud of rainbows though,” he grinned.

Zev seemed keen to change the subject, or rather thought that he might be. For a moment, he was amazed to find that she was reading the same book as him, especially given how childish it was. And then he realised she wasn’t. Or rather, she hadn’t been, but had picked up his book from his bedside table. The book that was aimed at eight year olds and actually even had pictures. And she was suggesting they had an honest-to-Merlin literary discussion of it.

“I don’t normally read books that childish,” he clarified, his face glowing an impressive shade of red, “I… I used to read the series a lot when I was younger, and I was just… feeling homesick - are you uncomfortable with the fact that other people think I’m gay?” he switched back. “I mean… I can see why that’s not a fun conversation to have to have repeatedly, but well… It’s probably a realistic hazard of going on a date with me.”

  • Sorry, I might have made things worse againZevalyn, Tue May 8 11:42
    ”Yes,” the word released all the nerves that had gathered while Kir read the card and they scattered and skittered away into whatever dark corners hid such things when they weren’t actively bothering ... more
    • I'll recover — Kir, Sat May 12 10:22
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