Jasmine Delechene
Being a good patient
Wed Jun 6, 2018 08:25

Jasmine was eating lunch when she felt the first chill. She pulled her school robe tighter around her and kept eating. By the time she finished eating, she wasnít quite shivering yet, but she didnít think it was far off. The teachers had been making enough of a fuss about fevers following things like, for example, huge winged horses showing up in the dining hall next to you, and the quarantine just threw a huge exclamation point on the fact that a big fever epidemic was going around. So Jasmine figured out pretty easily that it was now her turn to come down with it.

She told Peyton to let the professor in their next class know she was sick, and no she wasnít feeling too bad yet, just cold, she could make it there by herself, and took herself off to the hospital wing before it got really bad, just as all the teachers were telling them to do.

Walking in, she waited only a short time before the medic arrived and she answered the womenís questions readily, not really having expected the healer to remember all of her details from when she came in for that weird stomach ache during Herbology shortly before midterm. ďJasmine Delechene, second year, Crotalus, no allergies. I think Iím getting the fever thatís going around,Ē she explained. ďI made an Abraxon show up in the Cascade Hall a couple weeks ago, so Iíve had the accidental magic symptoms already. Iím not feeling really sick yet, but I am cold.Ē She hugged herself as if in demonstration.

She opened her mouth for the thermometer and, a few moments later, it announced she did indeed have a fever of 100.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Hoping it stays problem freeAisha Kapoor, Sun Jun 17 10:15
      Jasmine stood out in her memory, partly because she had been one of a few students to come to her with something other than a fever, and partly because she was Daniel Nashís niece, and had featured... more
      • Wish not grantedSylvia Mordue (with a little of Nate), Sun Jun 17 10:16
        Sylvia had felt the last class before lunch dragging rather. She had done her best at the assignment, but it just sort of felt beyond her, which was deeply frustrating because she was used to being... more
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