Aisha Kapoor
Hoping it stays problem free
Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:15

Jasmine stood out in her memory, partly because she had been one of a few students to come to her with something other than a fever, and partly because she was Daniel Nash’s niece, and had featured the incredibly surreal series of events that had begun with Daniel Nash standing in front of a pyramid of presents explaining how he was required to play Santa and ended with her standing over him in peach silk pyjamas - events that would have been bizarre enough individually, but the ridiculousness of both was heightened by their juxtaposition with each other. She was fairly convinced that Daniel had liked what he had seen. She had caught him looking before making a point of not looking, and he had seemed rather flushed even though his temperature had been entirely normal. Under any other circumstances, she would have pressed that advantage and flirted, but it hadn’t seemed right.

She wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about having to treat his niece, and possibility that he would come in to check on her. To say that the thought of Daniel putting in an appearance in the Hospital Wing hadn’t crossed her mind would be lying. But in her head it had very much not been for the purpose of visiting his niece. Having to face him, trying to look professional, and in front of Jasmine sounded awkward, especially as she herself hadn’t yet been through the fever, which meant there was a chance of her using accidental magic again.

She ran through Jasmine’s information, even though she knew it already, and waved the thermometre over.

“An Abraxon? Really? Full size, and moving and everything?” she asked, momentarily distracted by that, which was rather interesting and impressive.

Jasmine’s fever wasn’t severe. She could, potentially, send her to rest up in Crotalus. But Aisha was now second guessing herself… Would she do that for any other student, or did she just want to get rid of Jasmine to minimise the risk of having to interact with Daniel with his niece present? She couldn’t tell. Which meant she really wasn’t comfortable with making her leave, in case she was making that choice for the wrong reasons.

“You don’t seem too bad,” she agreed, “Though that’s a good thing, and you were right to come in. You can choose whether to get into bed or sit up doing something,” she indicated the chairs available. Although before Jasmine could reply, the hospital wing door opened...

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    • Hoping it stays problem free — Aisha Kapoor, Sun Jun 17 10:15
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