Sylvia Mordue (with a little of Nate)
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Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:16

Sylvia had felt the last class before lunch dragging rather. She had done her best at the assignment, but it just sort of felt beyond her, which was deeply frustrating because she was used to being an excellent student. She had sat down to lunch, finding that she really had no appetite, and by the end of the meal she was starting to feel a little shivery. She was certainly not as sick as some of the students who had reported to the medic, but Sylvia had very little patience with being ill, and any degree of discomfort was something she regarded as something of a dire emergency.

Simon often sat with his friends at mealtimes, whereas she and Nate coming from class together, were sitting together. She might have gone to Simon with this problem, because he was the oldest and she was used to him looking after her, but he was sitting with his roommates and she didn’t want to seem pathetic in front of them.

“Nate, I don’t feel well,” she complained to her cousin.

Nathaniel, who was in possession of some appetite, had been concentrating on eating a second helping of his favorite bit of the lunch spread before their lunch period ended, but he put down the fork in his hand at once when Sylvia complained that she wasn’t feeling well. This wasn’t, after all, altogether unexpected - they had known she would get ill eventually, just not exactly when. “Do you want me to walk you to the hospital wing?” he asked.

“Yes please, if you would,” she nodded, because although she was ill and although she had expected nothing less than her cousin’s full and immediate attention to the matter, there was no excuse for forgetting her manners. Abandoning the rest of Nate’s lunch, they set off to the hospital wing.
Nathaniel smiled politely to the medic when she came into sight, supposing it was probably a surprise to see him back so relatively soon. “Good afternoon,” he said. “This is my cousin, Miss Sylvia Mordue - she isn’t feeling well. I think she has the same fever I had.”

“Seems pretty likely. I’ll be with you in one moment,” Aisha nodded, going waving her wand towards the cupboard, “In the meantime, open up for the thermometre,” she added, as that (having cleaned itself from being used by Jasmine and returned itself to the cupboard) came flying towards Sylvia, whilst a bottle of sunshine yellow potion made its way over to the medic and Jasmine. Luckily, Sylvia had walked in too late to see that the same instrument had been used on her classmate, otherwise she would have protested rather strenuously. As it was, she was rather put out by Jasmine’s needs being put ahead of her own. But, as the thermometre was in her mouth, all she could do was give the other girl a quick glare.
Nathaniel, too, had more or less expected Sylvia to be attended to at once, but he supposed Miss Delachene had been here first. Seeing Sylvia give the other girl a look which was not friendly, he sat down beside his cousin, putting himself between her line of sight and Jasmine, and smiled encouragingly. “I don’t think you look as sick as I was,” he said quietly as the thermometer worked. “Maybe if you get the medicine before you get really sick, you’ll be better sooner too.”

Sylvia gave a sulky shrug and small ‘hmm,’ deciding that the thermometre in her mouth excused her from any more eloquent reply, and rested her head on her cousin’s shoulder. She supposed Nate was trying to be comforting, but the suggestion that she might not be as sick as he had been sounded like he was taking the medic’s side in not paying attention to her right away, or that he might not think she was sick enough to need looking after - and she was! She sucked a little harder on the thermometre, willing it to prove to them that she deserved care and attention.

“Ninety-nine point five,” it chimed out after a moment. Which she had to admit, did not sound as dramatic as she would have liked. She was given a bottle of yellow potion too, and also offered the choice of whether to rest in bed or sit up. She decided that rather depended on what Jasmine was going to do...

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    Jasmine stood out in her memory, partly because she had been one of a few students to come to her with something other than a fever, and partly because she was Daniel Nash’s niece, and had featured... more
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