Heinrich Hexenmeister
Just me and you and . . . you? Or is she me?
Tue Jun 26, 2018 14:27

Heinrich knocked tentatively on the door to the hospital wing, not so much to gain admittance, as he had already opened it and stepped over the threshold, as to draw attention to the fact that he was here. The chairs in the waiting area looked inviting - too inviting. If he sat in one, he’d probably pass out. He was that tired. It was something of a miracle he’d even made it this far as it was.

He’d already passed out in Herbology earlier, which was why he had been ordered in no uncertain terms to come here. He had argued to the best of his English that he was fine, but the Teppenpaw Head of House had been uncharacteristically firm and even started insisting somebody accompany him. Heinrich wasn’t entirely sure what either of them said next, and only partially because of his subpar English, but he was allowed to go without assistance and he had given his word to actually do as he was told.

It had been a tough call at several points during the journey, whether he would keep that word or veer off to his room to sleep this off, or just take a quick nap on an inviting bed of moss, but here he was. Herr Xavier ought to be proud.

He guessed he probably had that fever that was going around, but mostly he just felt exhausted. It was a warm sunny day, and it was hard to say if the sweat on his brow was from walking around outside in that, especially when doing so felt like such an effort as it did today, or if he was actually feverish.

So he held onto the doorjam instead of sinking into one of the waiting chairs, aware that if he went down, he’d probably need assistance to get back up, and he was too proud for that, just as he was too proud to need a classmate to walk him here.

When the healer came out soon after his knock, he was surprised to see two of her. He hadn’t realized she had an identical twin. The first spoke in English. The second, who on closer inspection looked a bit translucent, translated what she said into German for him. Which was great, because he really wasn’t up to translating what she said himself right now, but now he was pretty sure Second Medic Twin wasn’t really real. Which was disappointing because she spoke perfect German.

“Heinrich Hexenmeister, erstes Jahr, Aladren. Ich bin gegen nichts allergisch.”

“Heinrich Hexenmeister,” the German-speaking fake-medic told the solid real English-speaking one, “First year Aladren. No allergies.”

The medic said something else but he wasn’t listening. He was scowling at the ghost medic, suddenly resentful of her presence. “I’ve been sick over a month,” he complained peevishly at her, in German. “You’re only now showing up as my translator? You would have been useful to have during classes you know.”

“You didn’t need me so much then,” she pointed out logically. “She wants you to open up for a thermometer.”

Heinrich grunted unhappily but opened up. A thermometer popped in and he closed his mouth, still looking like he was on the verge of sulking. It spoke in English, some big number, but when the ghost medic translated for him it didn’t sound quite as scary. Still high, at 38.5 degrees, yes, but not in the hundreds of degrees, like he’d thought he heard in the English. Maybe he really did need the translator today.

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