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Aisha Kapoor
Why me?
Fri Jun 29, 2018 09:01

Aisha had been having a perfectly normal day, and when a pale and sweaty looking first year showed up, she’d had no reason to think anything out of the ordinary was going to happen. Just another fever case. But now, here she was, standing next to herself. She had thought things had peaked in creepiness when she had had to listen to the Teppenpaw second year sleep shouting things that she had not understood but which had evidently indicated he was somewhere very, very unpleasant in his mind. This was definitely worse. That, at least, had been a sort of normal symptom of a fever, just somewhat unpleasant and distressing to witness. This was just bizarre.

She had jumped when the… whatever this was first appeared, and for a second she thought she’d gone so mad that no words were making sense, until she realised this kid had conjured his own translator. Why it had to look exactly like her and not more… more like someone who spoke whatever this language was would be expected to look, she didn’t know. She would have rather seen just… a random apparition. Staring at herself, and seeing herself do something she couldn’t do was kinda cool, but it was also really, really weird and unnerving.

“Get into bed,” she advised him, and she could kind of hear how the ‘ins Bett gehen’ that her other self provided in German (thank you, patient information sheet) kind of sounded like the same idea… “I’ll bring you some medicine,” similarly yielded the recognisable ‘Medizin bringen.’ She wondered how quickly she would learn a language if she could just have herself following her around repeating everything? Most accidental magic was still… well, magic. It was within the laws of their world. So, did that mean this spell existed? She’d always heard translation spells were kind of… off. They could get you some basics but they weren’t to be relied on, for example, when negotiating the subtleties of a Goblin peace treaty. She seemed to remember some examples from History of Magic where inaccurate translations had led to a lot of problems - something to do with someone’s grandma either being insulted or accidentally traded...

“Once you’re feeling better, she’ll probably disappear,” she added, realising a potential complication with curing Heinrich. “Do you think you’ll manage in English once you’re feeling better, or should I send for a dictionary?” she asked. She was giving him the same benefit of the doubt that she had given The Screamer - that he functioned a lot better in English when not running a fever over a hundred degrees. It seemed fair to assume that that would really screw anyone up, and she’d had a couple of the American students barely managing to string logical sentences together even though it was their native language. But, whilst she had the help, she thought it wise to check. She held out a vial of sunshine yellow potion for him to use once he was ready to forsake his translator.

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    • Why me? — Aisha Kapoor, Fri Jun 29 09:01
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