Like which?
Fri Nov 23, 2018 18:44

Salali giggled. That was a funny reaction this boy had! “My name is Salali,” she answered, her diction crisp as she forced the language between her teeth, still a slight strain. “What is yours? And what are you reading about?”

  • Loitering is illegal in some states...Parker Fitzgerald, Fri Nov 23 18:40
    The book was slow going. It was the last one he'd found on breaks, but it was also the biggest and most dense. He'd found that reading in bed meant that he'd fall asleep so he'd sat down on the couch ... more
    • Like which? — Salali, Fri Nov 23 18:44
      • My state if mind currentlyParker Fitzgerald, Fri Nov 23 22:35
        Parker sat up a little straighter. He was waking up and realized he didn't want to be in a conversation about Veelas at the moment. "Umm Parker. Sorry was dozing off the book wasn't that... more
        • Is that a place?Salali, Sat Nov 24 08:06
          Salali made a face expressing both sympathy and revulsion. She was not much one for books, completely agreeing with his preference for the Gardens - her favorite place - and could understand falling... more
          • It is if you're tiredParker Fitzgerald, Sat Nov 24 09:29
            Parker laughed a but at the face she made. That was pretty much the face he made inside whenever he had to open a book. But this was important so he would force himself to read. "Oh Nice to meet you... more
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