Cleo James
Do you find me attractive?
Fri Nov 23, 2018 19:34

Cleo was sitting in the library, struggling through her transfiguration homework. Her shoulders were getting stiff. Her hair, which was getting irritatingly long again, was getting in her face. She decided to give herself a break. She sat up, rolling her shoulders back and shaking her hair out of her face. And found that someone was staring.

OOC - up to whoever replies whether Cleo is veelaing right now. I tried to make it ambiguous.

  • Fast and Furious threads here! (nm)DH Skies, Fri Nov 23 18:02
    • I'm totally not sneaking around...Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Nov 25 15:58
      Tabitha seemed to lose a lot of time when she was in Mary's private rooms. This probably had a lot to do with the fact that most of that time was spent doing a lot of things that wouldn't be... more
      • I wasn't sneaking, but I'm not sure you weren't!Rory Taransay, Sun Nov 25 16:04
        Rory had been up late going over a report he was submitting for the kelpie reserve he was helping to set up in Scotland. There was lots of paperwork to do in order to register the reserve with the... more
        • I-I was no... Oh, forget it. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Nov 25 16:11
          There was something about being confronted in the middle of the night that threw Tabitha back into her teenage years, when she was frequently sneaking around with JJ at all hours of the night when... more
          • Rory raised an eyebrow. 'With' Mary? Given everything - the late hour, Tabitha's appearance, the lipstick mark, Tabitha's general shiftiness - he didn't think it had been a purely social call. "And... more
            • Nope and I'm going to die of embarrassment.Tabitha, Sun Nov 25 16:23
              Tabitha wasn't entirely sure if her cheeks got get any hotter or redder than that moment. "Well, we were and are..." she said, slowly. "But we're also... Well, you see, Greece had a lot to do with... more
              • Aww, Tabitha seemed to be getting embarrased! Rory couldn't help the grin that was coming to his face, especially as Tabitha tried to explain. "Is Greece a euphemism, or a reference to that fact that ... more
                • At the moment, I think you mean *your* fun.Tabitha, Sun Nov 25 16:43
                  It was clear that Rory was obviously enjoying the situation. If she a little honest, it was pretty funny. Also, she couldn't ignore the feeling of relief in her stomach. At least somebody in the... more
                  • "Ohh, that explains that," laughed Rory, his confusion over what Greece meant exactly cleared up. If the look on Tabitha's face was anything to go by, the holiday had been enjoyable. "I wouldn't... more
                    • I guess it is pretty funny.Tabitha, Sun Nov 25 16:54
                      Tabitha had been nodding along to Rory's words which made a lot of sense. Maybe she could use them when talking to Mary about it? Then, her ears caught the mention of a name that she couldn't match... more
    • Ugh [tag Jehan]Luke Powell, Sun Nov 25 08:49
      Luke hated CATS. He hadn't even sat the exams yet and already he hated them. It was getting to that time of year that the professors kept bringing up that dreaded word and the swotty kids couldn't... more
      • Huh?Jehan, Sun Nov 25 08:54
        Jehan was working on his homework in the library. He was quietly and peacefully engrossed in the world of augureys when a sudden slam sounded right near him. His head shot up in surprise, and he... more
        • Hmm...Luke, Sun Nov 25 09:14
          Luke noticed a young boy looking at him across the table. "Oh sorry, kid. You don't mind me working here?" The boy's answer wasn't going to change the fact that Luke was sitting there, but it was... more
          • ...err...Jehan, Sun Nov 25 09:29
            "Um, that's fine," said Jehan, not minding the company, although he hoped that Luke wouldn't continue to make lots of crashing noises. He wasn't sure if he should say anything else, feeling a little... more
            • AhhLuke, Sun Nov 25 09:49
              "Good," Luke nodded. "I mean, not good that it was complicated... but, you know." He wasn't really sure what to say. It was fairly evident that Jehan was into dudes and he didn't think he could... more
              • MmhmmJehan, Sun Nov 25 12:01
                "Yes, I had fun," confirmed Jehan, picking up confidence as Like seemed to be interested in chatting to him. "The dancing was good, though next time I'm going in more fun dress robes. Black's just... more
                • DuhLuke, Sun Nov 25 12:10
                  Luke gave a light chuckle in response to Jehan's mention of dress robes. He could certainly imagine the boy wearing something flamboyant. Luke didn't mind his own "boring" dress robes, although much... more
                  • OohJehan, Sun Nov 25 12:23
                    Jehan considered the bonfire and the ball. The bonfire had definitely been more fun, as he'd got to spend time with his friends in a more relaxed setting. "I've only been here for the bonfire and the ... more
                    • EyyyLuke, Sun Nov 25 12:41
                      "Oh yeah, course," Luke remarked, realising he had forgotten that Jehan was two years below him. He raised his eyebrows slightly at the mention of tent-sharing, hopefully subtlety enough that Jehan... more
    • And Kyte came tumbling afterKyte Collindale, Sun Nov 25 02:28
      And spring. And catch. And... fall. Kyte let out a loud expletive as he missed his landing and topped off the stunt broom. He had cushioned the ground beneath him but falling was still annoying. What ... more
    • ExperimentingNess McLeod, Sat Nov 24 22:09
      Ness was reading on the sofa, but periodically glanced up curiously at the staircase on the left of the room. You are not allowed in the dorms of the opposite gender. Well, that was a stupid rule... more
    • Dinner time at Crotalus tableSylvia Mordue, Sat Nov 24 20:38
      Sylvia took a carefully selected seat at the Crotalus table. Within that pleasant and proper world, one did not have to take too much care, but there were occasional outsiders like the Veela Half... more
      • Are you respectable?Julius Astley, Sat Nov 24 20:49
        Julius was slowly but steadily making his way through his food when the student sitting next to him greeted at him. Julius wasn't particularly fond of conversation during dinner, preferring to eat... more
        • AbsolutelySylvia Mordue, Sat Nov 24 20:53
          "Quite pleasant, thank you. It's Mr. Astley, isn't it?" Sylvia knew full well of course it was. They had small enough classes that everyone knew everyone's name by now, but the two of them had never... more
          • Good. Finally. Julius Astley, Sat Nov 24 21:03
            "Julius Astley of the Californian Astleys and the Chasseloup de Laubats of France," he confirmed, perhaps unnecessarily given that she clearly knew. Still, he always thought it sounded impressive and ... more
            • LikewiseSylvia Mordue, Sat Nov 24 21:22
              Julius Astley's lineage sounded suitably impressive. She had known it anyway of course, but there was knowing it and then there was hearing him say it, with the proper French pronunciation. Even... more
              • Re: LikewiseJulius Astley, Sat Nov 24 22:10
                Julius' view did not match that of Sylvia's. He thought that the school was acceptable at best. Despite having been attending the institution for nearly a whole year, he still would prefer to be... more
                • Ladylike pursuitsSylvia Mordue, Sat Nov 24 22:41
                  "I look forward to reading about it. It's a shame they don't let us spectate these training matches. It sounds like a good match from what Nathaniel and my brother said - and the right side came out... more
    • It's a lovely day to go flying!Victor Callahan, Sat Nov 24 18:02
      It was a nice day outside, so had Victor decided to go for a fly. Despite not being a Quidditch player, he enjoyed flying. Ever since being taken to a broomstick race when younger he'd been hooked by ... more
      • If you say soHeinrich, Sat Nov 24 21:55
        Heinrich liked flying well enough. Last year he had been convinced to join the Aladren team by the German-speaking captain (well, he tried speaking German, which had been more than most could) though ... more
        • Ooh good, company!Victor, Sun Nov 25 06:44
          Heinrich was three years below Victor, so Victor didn't know him that well. However, he seemed a nice enough sort, and Victor thought he was from a good family - he wasn't that aware of German... more
    • Three little words (tag Zevalyn)Kir McLeod, Sat Nov 24 06:16
      Kir made his way through the library and, spotting his girlfriend, made his way over. He slipped his arms around her, and whispered those three special little words softly into her ear. "Teach me... more
      • I love those wordsZev, Sat Nov 24 07:47
        Zevalyn smiled warmly as she felt Kir’s arms wrap around her, and a pleased feeling if warmth spread through her at his words. She really did have the best boyfriend ever. “It’s not ideal,” she told... more
        • I thought you mightKir, Sat Nov 24 07:55
          "Hey, who are you calling a small sample size?" he asked, easily resting his chin on her head. "Hmm. And if the effect of Whatever We're Testing is... let's say ambiguous and fuzzy at best, then... more
          • That's why I love youZevalyn, Sat Nov 24 21:34
            Zevalyn laughed at Kir's little joke, then nodded approval of his analysis of self-assessment. "Ah, Confusing and Confounding solutions," she remarked in understanding. "They would make self-analysis ... more
            • I love you for lots of reasonsKir, Sat Nov 24 22:16
              "Well, I wasn't going to try the self-analysis whilst under their influence. I no longer am, by the way. This is as normal as I get "I figured that a good test of my faculties was whether I could... more
    • How funnyGeorgia Kirkly, Sat Nov 24 06:12
      Georgia was not amused. Although anyone could have been forgiven for thinking quite the opposite. She was leaning against a wall just outside the library giggling in an almost manic way. It had... more
      • Ooh, I like jokesNatalie Atwater, Sat Nov 24 13:43
        Natalie didn't spend a lot of time in the library but today she had to study for CATS. Not that they were going to have the life altering affect they'd have on most people as she was going to be... more
    • I've got a lovely bunch of...homeworkFinn Scott, Sat Nov 24 04:46
      Finn made his way to the library, his bag slung over his shoulder and a depressing amount of work in it. He had an essay that needed writing, another one that needed planning, and various bits of... more
      • Coconuts would be better.Simon Mordue, Sat Nov 24 13:20
        There was, Simon was coming to realize, too much work to do in the amount of time he had. There was also, he was even more reluctantly coming to realize, no way to explain this to his father which... more
        • That's what the showman said!Finn, Sat Nov 24 17:46
          "Thanks," replied Finn, putting his bag down and starting to extract all his books and papers. "Sadly it is," he agreed. That was always the downside of term coming to an end. He couldn't wait until... more
    • Tagging the D&D groupKir McLeod, Sat Nov 24 04:43
      Kir made his way into the library, followed by a shorter figure. As he neared the table where the D&D group met, the tail end of a whispered argument could probably be overheard. "Because I said so." ... more
      • Only children hereZev and Jozua, Sat Nov 24 07:40
        Zev smiled sympathetically at Kir and reached over the squeeze his hand. Then didn’t let go. Though Kir was well aware of her answer already, she supplied it for the group at large. “Sorry, I am an... more
        • I'll represent for Team Little Sisters.Amelia Layne, Sat Nov 24 13:12
          “I have an older brother,” contributed Amelia, only half-suppressing a smile at Kir’s woes with his sibling. “But Lionel’s not really annoying. I…really have no idea what he is, but I guess baffling... more
          • Big Brother here.Connor Priory, Sat Nov 24 13:38
            "I have two little sisters myself" Connor added to the conversation. "They aren't that annoying either though." Of course, sometimes he got the impression Sophia got annoyed with looking after Lydia... more
            • Joining team little sisters.Lily Spencer, Sat Nov 24 15:31
              "I have three older siblings: two brothers and one sister," said Lily. It sounded like she had the most out of them all. "I didn't go to school with Adam, my oldest brother, but he was Head Boy,... more
              • Don't gang up on me, pleaseKir, Sat Nov 24 18:41
                OOC - as it's F&F do we want to say there's no set thread order and just... whoever can reply next? IC "Of course he would be," Kir replied to Amelia with a wink, "Big brothers are wonderful... more
    • What a lovely way to socialize! Professor Mary Brooding , Sat Nov 24 04:18
      Mary was short. She was always short but particularly when her wand was out of arm's reach and the books on the top shelf in the library were out of arm's reach. If she'd really concentrated, she... more
      • Fancy seeing you here!Rory Taransay, Sat Nov 24 04:34
        Rory was wandering through the non-magical creatures aisle in the library. Whilst his speciality was, of course, magical creatures, that didn't mean he disliked non-magical ones. Really, the... more
        • Fancy indeed!Mary, Sat Nov 24 04:38
          Mary smiled gratefully, accepting the book from Rory and thanking him appropriately. "Not too much I hope," she laughed. "Losing my want is excitement enough I think. No, but I'm actually working on... more
          • "Oooh, that does sound interesting!" replied Rory. "You'll have to let me know what the muggles think of it. It's always an ongoing debate, isn't it? I've met such a range of opinions on that front,... more
    • Prefect duty [tag Kir]Victor Callahan, Sat Nov 24 04:03
      Victor was officially Not Very Pleased with the world in general. Some evil spirit - and here he was inclined to blame the professors - had decided that Victor Callahan and Kir McLeod should do their ... more
      • Aren't you a little ray of sunshine?Kir McLeod, Sat Nov 24 04:18
        OOC - notes on saying good evening approved by Victor. I am also assuming prefect patrol partners change and this their first date. IC The universe seemed to like him. Kir had been looking for an... more
        • How did you guess my nickname?Victor, Sat Nov 24 04:27
          Oh, great. McLeod didn't seem to have got the message that silence was the order of the day. Victor presumed he was trying to make small talk, rather than gleaning information on how to prefect. Even ... more
          • "You-" did what?! The end of the sentence never got uttered. The mention of getting the professor to cane students was over-egging it. Victor could be a douchebag all he wanted but Kir knew none of... more
            • Well, you seem to be enjoying itVictor, Sat Nov 24 04:39
              Victor chuckled - it most definitely wasn't a giggle - as McLeod reacted to his joke, seeming horrified for a second before realising that Victor was having him on. Honestly, was the kid so uptight... more
              • Not an anti-fun monster. Hm. So, you won't have any objections to finding your brother making out with boys then? Probably a bit blunt. And he had no desire whatsoever to out Jehan. I don't have any... more
                • Oh dear, this really was entering into small talk territory. Part of Victor felt that telling McLeod about his hobbies could be akin to selling your soul to the devil, but then again what harm could... more
                  • You are my sunshine, my only sunshineKir, Sat Nov 24 05:21
                    "Cool," Kir replied in a neutral tone. Honestly, Victor could basically have said any words at all, and - so long as it wasn't violent, disgusting, or surprisingly kinky - got the same reaction. What ... more
                    • Please take my sunshine awaaaayVictor, Sat Nov 24 05:43
                      McLeod's gaming group sounded...well Victor didn't actually know anything about it, but it was probably pretty boring. Besides, they were all a bit old for games now, weren't they? He was also... more
    • Distractions in the libraryJehan Callahan, Sat Nov 24 03:42
      Jehan was in the library, which wasn't the most surprising fact known to man. Jehan liked books, and books were to be found in the library. Ergo, the library was not unknown territory to Jehan. What... more
      • Distractions from what?Vladimir Brockert, Sat Nov 24 08:11
        Thwack “Ow.” When Vlad had offered to return Ivy’s library book for her, dropping it on his foot had not been part of the plan. But here he was, its dusty jacket masking the throbbing mass connected... more
        • "Hi, Vlad!" replied Jehan, happy to see his friend but concerned about the noise, which he now realised must have been connected to the offending book. "Have you hurt yourself? I guess the library... more
          • Oh, good!Vlad, Sun Nov 25 09:36
            Vlad laughed. "Nah, I'm fine," he said despite the slight pain; he was certain the stinging in his toes would fade any minute now. "Sorry about the noise, anyway." A library was hardly the place for... more
            • Yay for friends!Jehan, Sun Nov 25 12:16
              Jehan frowned slightly but decided to accept Vlad's response. He supposed a book couldn't do too much damage. Unless it hit your head, which could have all manner of interesting side effects. He... more
    • Just having some breakfast [tag Gwen]Finn Scott, Sat Nov 24 03:31
      Finn quite liked mornings. Sure, lie-ins were a great thing, especially for teenagers, but he found that he didn't actually miss them too much on weekdays. He always made sure to get up with plenty... more
      • Joining you for some breakfastGwen Fintoc, Sat Nov 24 08:01
        Gwen was used to early mornings, thanks to being brought up on a farm, and her internal body clock got her up promptly even at school. She liked to be organised and feel as though she was ready for... more
        • So here we are...having breakfast...Finn, Sat Nov 24 17:41
          Finn was glad that Gwen was happy to sit with him. Not that he thought she wouldn't be, but it was always nice to know people you liked were happy to spend time with you. "Here you are," he replied,... more
          • And what a lovely breakfast it is...Gwen, Sat Nov 24 18:01
            "Thank you," Gwen smiled graciously as Finn poured her tea. He was always so sweet and thoughtful, a true gentleman. She smiled again when he mentioned Care of Magical Creatures, a frequent facial... more
            • Isn't breakfast nice?Finn, Sat Nov 24 18:06
              Finn smiled as Gwen laughed, not outright laughing as he didn't want her to think he was laughing at her. "It's ok, I'm sure you're not a stalker or anything," he joked. "I guess we just have the... more
              • It is with you!Gwen, Sat Nov 24 18:17
                Gwen chuckled again when Finn referred to them having the "same great taste". His response made her feel easier, if not a little foolish for getting flustered by having the same RATS choices as him.... more
    • Look, I’m a monkey.Lily Spencer, Sat Nov 24 02:36
      The best view in all of Sonora was up in a tree, according to Lily. It being the weekend, she was dressed in a T-shirt and trousers sitting up at her favourite spot. She was there more for nostalgia... more
      • Wow! Do you want a banana?Salali Bly, Sat Nov 24 08:19
        Salali loves being outdoors and was having a delightful little solo adventure when she nearly was met with a foot from the sky. Seeing that was an odd thing even for a Magick school, she looked... more
        • I do like bananas.Lily Spencer, Sat Nov 24 15:34
          As Prefect, Lily felt it her duty to know everyone in her house regardless of their year, and Salali was only a year younger than her. "Taking in the view, of course," she replied. This is the best... more
          • Salali was absolutely taken in. She had climbed a few trees in her day, and she found that she was quite agile, even if her upper body strength occasionally failed her, resulting in some bruises and... more
            • Considerably less enthusiastic.Lily, Sun Nov 25 15:16
              The English witch grinned. “Brilliant! I usually start with my foot here on this root, and then use this knot to pull myself up.” It was a tall tree and not very easy to climb unless one knew where... more
    • Sun worshippingRaine, Fri Nov 23 23:48
      Raine lay sprawled out on a bench in the gardens. She was not sunbathing, exactly. She did not care about getting a tan. She just enjoyed the feeling of the rays on her skin. Sunshine made her happy. ... more
      • Enjoying the sun tooTess, Sat Nov 24 02:53
        It was a lovely day, and Tess just couldn't stay inside. She had work to do, but nothing especially urgent, and she could just do more tomorrow. It seemed a crime to waste such nice sunshine. She put ... more
        • "Hi," Raine smiled, pleased to see her friend. "Be my guest," she added, sitting up so that there was sufficient room on the bench for Tess to join her. "I can't wait until I can spend all day... more
          • Tess sat down next to Raine with a smile. Company was really the one thing needed to make the sunny day even better, and spending time with Raine was always so pleasant and relaxing. "You're looking... more
            • Let's hope it stays thereRaine, Sat Nov 24 05:05
              "Yeah," Raine nodded, figuring it wasn't that much of a surprise that she was looking forward to graduating. She just didn't belong here. "I'll miss you guys though," she asserted, taking Tess' hand... more
    • On Goblin Rebellions (Kir)Jozua, Fri Nov 23 22:18
      Today was Take One with Kir as his History of Magic study partner. Jozua was less nervous about it than he had expected to be. In fact, since their conversation at the returning feast, Jozua had... more
      • "It... It has a lot of the facts right. It's just... how it presents them. Goblin terrorists attacking the seat of government. Justifiable crackdown. The Wizengamot was legislating things that... more
        • On parity and fairness Jozua, Sat Nov 24 07:33
          Jozua nodded, feeling like Kir did have a very valid point. “That . . . doesn’t really seem fair,” he agreed. Though he did try to throw out one defense for the old white dudes. “Did the goblins - or ... more
          • And non-stabby ways of getting your wayKir, Sat Nov 24 07:47
            "I... uh.... admittedly do not know," Kir answered, "I kind of know... like, bits of this from dinner time conversation but I'm sort of still playing catch up with you here. To just totally derail it ... more
            • non-stabby is goodJozua, Sat Nov 24 22:08
              "Okay," Jozua agreed, pulling over a few reference books of his own, trying to figure out which, if any, might have accounts written by not-old, not-white, not-guys. "I'll look," he said, though he... more
              • Is that how we both got Teppenpaw?Kir, Sun Nov 25 00:00
                "Ooh," Kir looked up intrigued by Jozua's find. He was pretty sure that snatching it from Jozua's hands in a frenzy of excitement was not good study-buddy behaviour. "Let me know what she says," he... more
    • Daydreaming...Michael DiCaprio, Fri Nov 23 21:38
      It was such a pretty day outside it felt like a sin to be indoors. He was staring out the window inside the library, imagining himself running outside and kicking a ball around instead of studying.... more
      • About kicking balls? I often think about thatNess McLeod, Fri Nov 23 23:43
        Ness' homework was finished, and flying was looking like an appealing way to spend the afternoon. However, a passing classmate suggested a kickabout instead. Ness weighed up the typically boyish... more
        • Not in the way that would hurt, I hope...Mikey, Sat Nov 24 01:44
          Mikey didn’t remember all the first years from class, but he did remember her because she looked like a he and told all the teachers to drop the ‘a.’ There was another boyish-looking girl in Pecari,... more
          • Not unless someone really deserves itNess, Sat Nov 24 04:02
            "Nice to meet you too," Ness nodded, noting that Mikey also preferred an abbreviated version of his name. "Actually, we might be better off finding a big rock, seeing as mass is harder to create than ... more
            • Good to knowMikey, Sat Nov 24 15:47
              Whatever Ness was saying was going right over his head. She was definitely an Aladren, and Mikey almost wanted to ask her to Transfigure the rock instead. He was definitely more of a visual person... more
              • Off we goNess, Sat Nov 24 18:49
                "We're going on a rock hunt," Ness sang cheerfully. Mikey seemed like he knew Muggle things if he wanted to play soccer, so Ness expected him to get the 'bear hunt' reference. A slight smile appeared ... more
                • Let us commence the rock huntMikey, Sun Nov 25 01:40
                  Mikey's grandpa had definitely sung that same little line during their camping trips, so he smiled at her reference. "We're gonna catch a big one," he sang. "That's true, I guess I'm scared of... more
                  • Get them or they'll get youNess, Sun Nov 25 02:01
                    Ness smiled as Mikey joined in. "Well, if you do, I promise not to laugh, and I'll tell anyone who does that they're a jerk," Ness assured him, when he mentioned fear of falling flat on his face.... more
    • This is all too fastEvelyn Stones, Fri Nov 23 20:47
      Evelyn was hardly looking forward to the end of the school year and her inevitable return to Oregon. When she walked into Cascade Hall for breakfast and was one of the first to arrive, she couldn't... more
      • That's the beauty of it!Michael DiCaprio, Fri Nov 23 21:29
        Mikey couldn't wait to go back home after his second year. He was looking forward to summer because that meant camping trips, being outside all the time, hiking trips, sports camp, fishing trips, and ... more
        • Well aren't you fun. Evelyn Stones, Sat Nov 24 04:11
          Why did the one other person in the freaking place have to be a freaking summer-loving insomniac? Evelyn didn't grumble but her insides did. At least he was nice enough to sit with her. "I couldn't... more
          • I try to be!Mikey, Sat Nov 24 15:51
            "Totally," Mikey agreed to her comment about summer. School was exciting learning how to control his magic, but he'd much rather choose the outdoors instead of books. "Yeah, I missed Sonora a little... more
    • Sisterly concern (tag Dorya)Tatiana Vorontsova, Fri Nov 23 20:43
      Tatiana dropped into a seat beside her friend in a typically dramatic gesture, but with an atypical lack of noise and animation. In fact, her mouth was, rather than smiling or even settling into the... more
      • But not about me. PhewDorian, Fri Nov 23 20:53
        Dorian raised a cautious eyebrow as Tatya threw herself dramatically into the seat behind him. It was hard to tell whether something was genuinely bothering her, or she was just... being Tatya. The... more
        • Not yet....Tatiana, Fri Nov 23 21:09
          Tatiana shrugged, thinking she should be more reassured by Dorian’s estimation of Katya than she was. “Katya not so with me now,” said Tatiana. She paused for another moment, then added, “Katya acts... more
          • PhewDorian, Fri Nov 23 21:18
            "Aw, Tanushka," he put a comforting arm around her. He wondered at Katerina's strange behaviour. What books she might deem it necessary to hide from her sister. He was not aware of her reading beyond ... more
            • Tatiana allowed her head to drop onto Dorian’s shoulder when he put an arm around her, comforted by physical contact and the particularly affectionate variation on her name. She sat back up, however, ... more
              • It's one of your best features sometimesDorian, Fri Nov 23 22:14
                "Not bad books. Lyssa seems a good person," he had no idea really, but she was a Teppenpaw and he doubted that she was doing anything nasty, nor did he want to get her in trouble over nothing. "But... more
                • Aww, spasi...wait.Tatiana, Fri Nov 23 22:51
                  “Hm,” said Tatiana, thinking through the idea Dorian explained. “Mozhet byt’…po pochemu chto? Why Katya would want to read Magl book?” she asked, more or less rhetorically, openly puzzled by this... more
                  • What? *blinks innocently*Dorian, Fri Nov 23 23:14
                    Dorian shrugged. He could think of several reasons why Katerina might wish to read Magly books. Firstly, not to offend Lyssa, whom she had to live with. And secondly because they could be... more
    • I am the champion on the scoring world.Grayson Wright, Fri Nov 23 20:32
      Gray could never figure out where to grade papers. Sometimes he worked in his room, but then he remembered that was supposed to be bad for his odds of sound sleep, plus it felt bizarre. Sometimes he... more
      • I am the champion of... well, making it through the day?Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Nov 23 20:42
        Tabitha was in a crisis. The crisis being that she had run out of tea in her private quarters. It had been half an hour since the end of her last class and she had a mountain of essays that all... more
        • *applauds*Grayson Wright, Fri Nov 23 20:56
          Professor Hawthorne, Gray quickly realized, did not seem to share his good humor. In fact, she looked like someone staring at the front end of a stack of papers, rather than the end of one. He hoped... more
          • *slumps*Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Nov 23 21:07
            "I've just spent the best part of an hour avoiding many misfired spells," she told him with a heavy sigh, feeling far more grateful when a cup of tea floated over and landed delicately in front of... more
            • Drink tea, it will straighten you up again.Grayson Wright, Fri Nov 23 21:42
              “Ouch,” said Gray, somewhat redundantly. “Remind me never to come in your classroom without a Shield Charm up.” DADA was a subject he was glad not to teach, he thought. There were incidents with... more
              • Tea is powerful stuff that way. Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Nov 23 22:00
                Tabitha gave a small laugh and then tried desperately not to think of the stack of marking that was waiting for her in her private quarters. At least she had the weekend to get through it all -... more
                • Wonderful stuff.Grayson Wright, Fri Nov 23 22:23
                  Well, at least he wasn’t the only one without real plans for the weekend. That was something. Though he suspected it might be characteristic of the sub-species of humanity he had joined here –... more
                  • Indeed.Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Nov 23 22:39
                    Tabitha felt a relief when Gray did not comment on her slip up or push the matter - the reason why, she didn't know nor particularly care. At least he wasn't going to be spreading it around the... more
    • Do you find me attractive? — Cleo James, Fri Nov 23 19:34
      • Evelyn worked up the nerve to say hi to Cleo for a long time before actually doing so. The library was one of her favorite places too and she was pretty sure Cleo was amazing. Finally, she popped out ... more
        • I... hope not?Cleo, Fri Nov 23 20:11
          OOC - I am going to assume that your and Isaac's replies are happening at two different times. So, now we have two different situations where Cleo has been sitting in the library and been approached... more
          • What a relief!Evelyn Stones, Fri Nov 23 20:33
            Evelyn smiled, glad to be known. "I'll take theory over practice," she laughed. "Although I know yours is harder."
            • YupCleo, Fri Nov 23 20:48
              "Oh? Not often you hear a Pecari say that," Cleo smiled, "Not that I really believe in house stereotypes... Yeah, first year Transfiguration can be... slow going," she nodded, casting her mind back.... more
              • I'm a mess though. Evelyn Stones, Sat Nov 24 04:08
                Evelyn grimaced at the idea that she wasn't satisfying either her magical responsibilities as a witch or her house duties as a Pecari. "I just hope I can pick it up," she said honestly, figuring that ... more
      • Uh huhIsaac Song, Fri Nov 23 20:03
        Isaac was doing pretty well keeping up with his homework this year. He prided himself on being pretty well-disciplined in general, but when it came to one particular girl he just couldn't seem to... more
        • Oh. Cleo, Fri Nov 23 20:08
          Isaac's behaviour did not ring any immediate alarm bells for Cleo. She felt like he was kind of staring, maybe, but she had felt that about pretty much everyone since the big reveal. Still, he was a... more
          • Slowly finding words. Isaac, Fri Nov 23 20:18
            Oh my God, she was talking to him. Isaac wanted to sit closer, but he restrained himself. It would be too weird to just move over without asking. His mom had brought him up better than that.... more
            • Still not catching onCleo, Fri Nov 23 20:35
              He seemed... ok. Maybe kinda shy. He kept looking at his books instead of her, which was a good sign. It wasn't like when Winston Pierce had called her pretty and dressed her up in a ball gown. She... more
              • Trying to keep the moment goingIsaac, Fri Nov 23 21:20
                Cleo had agreed to work together, so Isaac piled up his things in his arms and walked over, glad for the opportunity. "We can probably figure it out together." He knew about her half veela status, as ... more
                • It seems to be going okCleo, Fri Nov 23 22:08
                  "This paragraph on switching spells," Cleo asked, when Isaac asked what the problem was. "You ever read something and get like... The big flashing sense that this is something super important that... more
                  • HurrayIsaac, Fri Nov 23 23:16
                    "Yeah, totally," he said, sounding a little more enthusiastic to find a kindred spirit. "I get that in this class a lot. It makes me nervous for Advanced classes," he admitted. Isaac wished he could... more
                    • I can do normal!Cleo, Fri Nov 23 23:24
                      "Well, the plus side of advanced classes is that you can choose right? You might never have to look at another Transfiguration theory again after this year!" Wow. This was... less scary than she had... more
    • Room-mate timeDorian, Fri Nov 23 18:34
      Dorian entered the Teppenpaw dorm to see, as was not unusual, Melodie sprawled out next to his room-mate. He hesitated slightly before heading over, leaning against the post of Vlad's bed and joining ... more
      • The best time!Vladimir Brockert, Fri Nov 23 18:38
        Vlad lifted his head slightly at his roommate’s voice. Glancing between Dorian and the kitty, he grinned. “Living the dream,” he said without a trace of irony, offering a thumbs up with the arm... more
        • You're sweetDorian, Fri Nov 23 18:45
          It was hard not to be cheered up by Vlad. He was so genuinely enthusiastic about things. Simple things, like petting Melodie or getting given a kite... Simple, but nice things. Things that deserved... more
          • So are youVlad, Fri Nov 23 18:54
            “Ooh, nice!” Vlad said cheerily, as he said most things. He never pointed out Dorian’s English mistakes - he felt bad doing so - but he was glad to hear the other boy correct himself. It would be... more
            • shushDorian, Fri Nov 23 19:19
              "Me too," Dorian nodded, to the sentiment of writing home more. However much he did it, he always felt like it wasn't enough. He knew his mother missed them, and he worried about his Chinese slipping ... more
              • No, you?Vlad, Fri Nov 23 21:56
                For a moment, Vlad paused, imagining his parents communicating with Dorian's. That seemed funny. "I bet they love that," he said. His parents were dorks that way. His mom was especially into... more
                • "Yes!" Dorian beamed, when Vlad mentioned that he would try having them all over for his birthday, "That will be excellent. I always feel bad that we miss out your birthday. I mean, we miss Tatya as... more
                  • What, dishing it out but can't take it?Vlad, Fri Nov 23 22:10
                    "Yeah," Vlad nodded. It was always nice that he got to have his birthday at home. It was much easier for present-receiving and time-spending, not to mention that his birthday was pretty close in... more
                    • Pretty muchDorian, Fri Nov 23 22:25
                      Summer plans... Try to get as much of Jehan's time and attention as possible, given that he was running around the Floo network behind his parents' back. Try to get as little as possible of... more
    • Confusion abounds [continued from Potions with Parker]Dorian Montoir, Fri Nov 23 18:23
      Dorian watched Parker for any visible signs of confusion. "Do you remember your name and where you are?" he asked, taking extra care with the word order in his question so as not to add to Parker's... more
      • I'm not sure this is workingParker Fitzgerald, Fri Nov 23 18:33
        Parker placed the bottle back on the table and opened his eyes at the sound of a voice. Dorian's voice. "My name is Parker. Parker Fitzgerald," Parker said in his best James Bond serious voice. Then... more
        • Let's find out...Dorian, Fri Nov 23 18:38
          Parker still knew his own name. He seemed to find it funny for reasons that Dorian could not fathom. He also knew where he was and what their class experiment was. That was good. The fact that his... more
          • Find out what again?Parker, Fri Nov 23 19:05
            "Easy things. Got it." Parker looked around and couldn't see the other potion. Maybe he'd already drunk it. Oh well no matter. Parker closed his eyes to try to remember everything correctly and began ... more
            • About youDorian, Fri Nov 23 19:31
              It was hard to judge whether Parker was being normal or not, given that he did not really know Parker. Dorian thought he had not been quite so talkative during their previous meetings, and so made a... more
              • Me, myself and IParker Fitzgerald, Fri Nov 23 23:42
                Parker took a deep breath. This was like a test. He'd done well on the test so far. Now he wanted to ace it. "Ok. I umm read about Veelas cause, well Cleo. I also am part of the Gardening club. I'm... more
                • You're doing wellDorian, Fri Nov 23 23:57
                  Dorian wrote down 'I read about veelas cause, well Cleo.' That did not sound like a grammatical English sentence to him but he was not sure he was an adequate judge of that. He was not really sure... more
                  • Thanks. I'm trying hard.Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Nov 24 00:24
                    Beater and chaser. Parker was sure when he'd spoken early, but now he wasn't. He thought his new position was Beater. "Dorian. Right. You said we were friends last year. I think I'm a Beater. I have... more
                    • Me tooDorian, Sat Nov 24 00:37
                      He had said they were friends last year? That wasn't- oh. That was right. Except he hadn't actually meant it... Not in a nasty way, just... It had been an excuse, a mumbled excuse to an adult to get... more
    • Loitering in PecariSalali Bly, Fri Nov 23 18:21
      As a very sociable person, it always surprised Salali how little luck she had experienced in the department of making friends. This was most likely because the specific variety and level of her own... more
      • Loitering is illegal in some states...Parker Fitzgerald, Fri Nov 23 18:40
        The book was slow going. It was the last one he'd found on breaks, but it was also the biggest and most dense. He'd found that reading in bed meant that he'd fall asleep so he'd sat down on the couch ... more
        • Like which?Salali, Fri Nov 23 18:44
          Salali giggled. That was a funny reaction this boy had! “My name is Salali,” she answered, her diction crisp as she forced the language between her teeth, still a slight strain. “What is yours? And... more
          • My state if mind currentlyParker Fitzgerald, Fri Nov 23 22:35
            Parker sat up a little straighter. He was waking up and realized he didn't want to be in a conversation about Veelas at the moment. "Umm Parker. Sorry was dozing off the book wasn't that... more
            • Is that a place?Salali, Sat Nov 24 08:06
              Salali made a face expressing both sympathy and revulsion. She was not much one for books, completely agreeing with his preference for the Gardens - her favorite place - and could understand falling... more
              • It is if you're tiredParker Fitzgerald, Sat Nov 24 09:29
                Parker laughed a but at the face she made. That was pretty much the face he made inside whenever he had to open a book. But this was important so he would force himself to read. "Oh Nice to meet you... more
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