Fri Nov 23, 2018 20:48

"Oh? Not often you hear a Pecari say that," Cleo smiled, "Not that I really believe in house stereotypes... Yeah, first year Transfiguration can be... slow going," she nodded, casting her mind back. "It picks up though," she promised.

  • What a relief!Evelyn Stones, Fri Nov 23 20:33
    Evelyn smiled, glad to be known. "I'll take theory over practice," she laughed. "Although I know yours is harder."
    • Yup — Cleo, Fri Nov 23 20:48
      • I'm a mess though. Evelyn Stones, Sat Nov 24 04:08
        Evelyn grimaced at the idea that she wasn't satisfying either her magical responsibilities as a witch or her house duties as a Pecari. "I just hope I can pick it up," she said honestly, figuring that ... more
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