Michael DiCaprio
That's the beauty of it!
Fri Nov 23, 2018 21:29

Mikey couldn't wait to go back home after his second year. He was looking forward to summer because that meant camping trips, being outside all the time, hiking trips, sports camp, fishing trips, and all of that. He couldn't wait--his parents had already owled him telling him about the camping trip they were planning and he was excited about it.

Having exciting summer plans, however, meant school was starting to feel like a drag. He woke up pretty early, a little annoyed that he hadn't slept in, but feeling too energized to go back to sleep. His stomach rumbled and he got up and dressed for breakfast.

At the Pecari table, he passed by a housemate who greeted him. "Yeah, I guess so," Mikey replied. "I don't usually wake up early, but I guess I couldn't sleep in thinking about summer coming soon." He knew Evelyn from class and from seeing her around in the common room sometimes, so he sat down next to her and grabbed some toast and jam. "Are you excited for summer?"

  • This is all too fastEvelyn Stones, Fri Nov 23 20:47
    Evelyn was hardly looking forward to the end of the school year and her inevitable return to Oregon. When she walked into Cascade Hall for breakfast and was one of the first to arrive, she couldn't... more
    • That's the beauty of it! — Michael DiCaprio, Fri Nov 23 21:29
      • Well aren't you fun. Evelyn Stones, Sat Nov 24 04:11
        Why did the one other person in the freaking place have to be a freaking summer-loving insomniac? Evelyn didn't grumble but her insides did. At least he was nice enough to sit with her. "I couldn't... more
        • I try to be!Mikey, Sat Nov 24 15:51
          "Totally," Mikey agreed to her comment about summer. School was exciting learning how to control his magic, but he'd much rather choose the outdoors instead of books. "Yeah, I missed Sonora a little... more
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