I'm allowed to give compliments. I just can't get them
Fri Nov 23, 2018 22:03

"Yes!" Dorian beamed, when Vlad mentioned that he would try having them all over for his birthday, "That will be excellent. I always feel bad that we miss out your birthday. I mean, we miss Tatya as well, but she has Tatiana Day," he had been sure to make that a regular thing. "I suppose it is nice for you to spend it with family though. It's hard sometimes, sharing your life out... It will be nice if you can have everyone for your birthday."

He dropped onto the bed next to Vlad and Melodie, feeling more relaxed than he had when he came in. He and Vlad often sat together, especially when Melodie demanded it, but also just to chat, and it had become habit for Dorian to make himself at home on Vlad's bed. He had been a little more hesitant again about doing so during this year, needing permission and reassurance again for things that had previously been habit, but he seemed to be getting over that now.

  • No, you?Vlad, Fri Nov 23 21:56
    For a moment, Vlad paused, imagining his parents communicating with Dorian's. That seemed funny. "I bet they love that," he said. His parents were dorks that way. His mom was especially into... more
    • I'm allowed to give compliments. I just can't get them — Dorian, Fri Nov 23 22:03
      • What, dishing it out but can't take it?Vlad, Fri Nov 23 22:10
        "Yeah," Vlad nodded. It was always nice that he got to have his birthday at home. It was much easier for present-receiving and time-spending, not to mention that his birthday was pretty close in... more
        • Pretty muchDorian, Fri Nov 23 22:25
          Summer plans... Try to get as much of Jehan's time and attention as possible, given that he was running around the Floo network behind his parents' back. Try to get as little as possible of... more
          • Well that’s no fair Vlad, Sat Nov 24 07:58
            “Sounds nice,” Vlad commented. As to his own summer, he paused. Hopefully he could spend some time with his cousins, but the Mangers were all just so off lately. He didn’t really know all the... more
            • Sorry. I'm good at apologising though.Dorian, Sat Nov 24 08:08
              "That sounds fun. You have an idea for his house?" Dorian asked.
              • Well you are CanadianVlad, Sat Nov 24 08:14
                Vlad thought about this. “Maybe Crotalus? He’s kinda... stuffy.” Not that he thought all of them were that way, but it seemed the best fit for Martin’s particular brand of stuffy. “His mom was in... more
                • Half, anywayDorian, Sat Nov 24 08:22
                  "Guess we wait and see," Dorian nodded neutrally. He couldn't say he felt thrilled at the thought of Vlad's cousin if 'stuffy' was how he described him. It was a painful reminder of the sorts of... more
                  • So you’re only half sorry I guess Vlad, Sat Nov 24 08:24
                    Something changed quite suddenly, and Dorian got a look on his face. Vlad empathetically mirrored this expression. “What’s wrong?”
                    • MaybeDorian, Sat Nov 24 08:33
                      "Nothing," Dorian answered, his expression brightening as suddenly as it had dimmed. He gave Vlad a smile which really didn't extend to his eyes. "I just... My mind was wandering. Sorry," he... more
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