Tabitha Hawthorne
Fri Nov 23, 2018 22:39

Tabitha felt a relief when Gray did not comment on her slip up or push the matter - the reason why, she didn't know nor particularly care. At least he wasn't going to be spreading it around the faculty.

Private tutoring was awful. Well, from her only experiences as a student. She'd had a Pureblood education - her parents, while not being a Pureblood family, were determined to behave like they were and that included making sure that their only daughter would behave in the 'appropriate way' - and the only lesson she had enjoyed had been her dancing ones, simply because she had been up on her feet and moving. She wasn't one for sitting around.

"A wireless company?" For a moment, the words didn't make sense. Then, a light switched on. "Oh, the radio! That sounds pretty cool! What did you do?"

"It just sort of happened," she admitted, in terms of her becoming a teacher. "I had never been a teacher before but... circumstances led to me needing money and Selina was good enough to hire me."

  • Wonderful stuff.Grayson Wright, Fri Nov 23 22:23
    Well, at least he wasn’t the only one without real plans for the weekend. That was something. Though he suspected it might be characteristic of the sub-species of humanity he had joined here –... more
    • Indeed. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Fri Nov 23 22:39
      • It makes us smart so we can talk around things.Grayson Wright, Fri Nov 23 23:25
        How did he keep essentially admitting to his old life to colleagues? Did he actually want to discuss that? It was pointless to do so, but here he was. “I was in the original scripted material stuff,” ... more
        • Firing up the old braincells.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Nov 24 20:21
          It was clear by the short nature of Gray's response that the Charms professor didn't particularly want to talk about that part of his life. That was fine with Tabitha and actually made her feel a... more
          • Wine will not help with that.Grayson Wright, Sat Nov 24 21:13
            “Honestly, I suspect it would be more trouble than it’s worth,” said Gray about beach houses. “Hurricanes, earthquakes...but it’s apparently the thing you do when you’re rich.” He had no idea what a... more
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