Fri Nov 23, 2018 23:16

"Yeah, totally," he said, sounding a little more enthusiastic to find a kindred spirit. "I get that in this class a lot. It makes me nervous for Advanced classes," he admitted. Isaac wished he could say something smarter, but he honestly had trouble with switching spells too. "I don't get the technical part of Transfiguration all the time, but I know it's all about visualizing and feeling it, and that gets me by." Isaac grinned sheepishly. "I know that's a crappy explanation. Switching spells are hard.

"What's your favorite class?" he asked. Now that he had the opportunity, he was hoping he could get to know her better. He was pretty stuck on his current essay anyway.

  • It seems to be going okCleo, Fri Nov 23 22:08
    "This paragraph on switching spells," Cleo asked, when Isaac asked what the problem was. "You ever read something and get like... The big flashing sense that this is something super important that... more
    • Hurray — Isaac, Fri Nov 23 23:16
      • I can do normal!Cleo, Fri Nov 23 23:24
        "Well, the plus side of advanced classes is that you can choose right? You might never have to look at another Transfiguration theory again after this year!" Wow. This was... less scary than she had... more
        • Yay normal!Isaac, Sat Nov 24 01:18
          Isaac brightened. ďI didnít think about that, but youíre totally right. But itís also like one of those core classes so I donít know if Iíd get into college or something without it.Ē Isaac didnít... more
          • Fake it til you make itCleo, Sat Nov 24 03:38
            "You have college plans?" Cleo asked. That sounded super grown up, and made Isaac seem pretty smart. She wasn't really sure she was college material... Not that she was dumb, it just... wasn't... more
            • Hoping to make it to friendship statusIsaac, Sat Nov 24 15:43
              "Yeah," Isaac said, nodding. "I want to be a healer, meaning I need to go to college and then medical school." Becoming a healer was a rather new ambition, but for now it seemed like the right thing... more
              • I would say achievement unlockedCleo, Sat Nov 24 19:00
                "Wow. A healer," Cleo echoed, sounding impressed. That was seriously ambitious. And pretty cool. She bet Isaac was smarter than he was letting on if he wanted to be a healer. "Great. I'll show you... more
                • Leveling up!Isaac, Sun Nov 25 01:32
                  "Cool," Isaac said. They were making future plans! He was definitely over the moon about it, but he tried to play it cool. Wanting to be a healer had seemed to impress her too. So far so good. Since... more
                  • Whoo hooCleo, Sun Nov 25 02:12
                    "Ok," said Cleo a little hesitantly when Isaac said he'd have to make it for her sometime. She wasn't really sure what half the ingredients he'd listed were, like... what was a rice cake? And tofu... ... more
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