Parker Fitzgerald
Me, myself and I
Fri Nov 23, 2018 23:42

Parker took a deep breath. This was like a test. He'd done well on the test so far. Now he wanted to ace it.

"Ok. I umm read about Veelas cause, well Cleo. I also am part of the Gardening club. I'm the co-president. We work on projects Professor X gives us and ideas we have. I play dungeons and dragons. I play a healer. OH! Like my mom. I'm on the Quidditch team cause I need to be active. I'm the second sting beater. That means I don't play often. But I do try to do things cause I need to burn off my energy. I usually have so much energy that I can't always concentrate. That's why I'm not good at school."

Parker was sure he was forgetting something.

"Umm nice guy," Parker said pointing to Dorian, "Your nice. I can't place your name and I'm sorry. I wish we talked more though. I think I'm acing this test. When do I drink the next thing?

Oh right, I drank it."

Parker felt like he had aced this part of the test.

"What's next friend?"

  • About youDorian, Fri Nov 23 19:31
    It was hard to judge whether Parker was being normal or not, given that he did not really know Parker. Dorian thought he had not been quite so talkative during their previous meetings, and so made a... more
    • Me, myself and I — Parker Fitzgerald, Fri Nov 23 23:42
      • You're doing wellDorian, Fri Nov 23 23:57
        Dorian wrote down 'I read about veelas cause, well Cleo.' That did not sound like a grammatical English sentence to him but he was not sure he was an adequate judge of that. He was not really sure... more
        • Thanks. I'm trying hard.Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Nov 24 00:24
          Beater and chaser. Parker was sure when he'd spoken early, but now he wasn't. He thought his new position was Beater. "Dorian. Right. You said we were friends last year. I think I'm a Beater. I have... more
          • Me tooDorian, Sat Nov 24 00:37
            He had said they were friends last year? That wasn't- oh. That was right. Except he hadn't actually meant it... Not in a nasty way, just... It had been an excuse, a mumbled excuse to an adult to get... more
            • So close to done.Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Nov 24 01:08
              The words the nice boy used Parker knew. He knew he knew. Or at least he thought he knew. "I. Ok. Umm cell phone is a type of phone that you can carry with you. It can be brought with you. A... more
              • And yet so far...Dorian, Sat Nov 24 03:30
                Cell phone was a type of phone. Dorian would probably have been able to infer that much from the fact it seemed like either a compound noun or an adjective and a noun. This new explanation lacked a... more
                • Come on not that farParker Fitzgerald, Sat Nov 24 09:43
                  It felt murky in his head. Like when the ground had fog coming out of it, only his mind was the ground. He could still see where he was going, it was just difficult and a lot more work. "No ok. I can ... more
                  • Yay, you made itDorian, Sat Nov 24 19:04
                    "Very good," Dorian nodded, when Parker explained television again, properly this time. Ish. It gave Dorian some idea of what the device was for. He noted this down, and then looked up, ready to... more
                    • So, again?Parker Fitzgerald, Sat Nov 24 20:11
                      Parker accepted the other potion and drank it down. He was relieved that when he felt his mind clear. "Thank you Dorian. I hope I wasn't too... difficult." Parker tried to remember all he'd said just ... more
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