Not unless someone really deserves it
Sat Nov 24, 2018 04:02

"Nice to meet you too," Ness nodded, noting that Mikey also preferred an abbreviated version of his name. "Actually, we might be better off finding a big rock, seeing as mass is harder to create than shape. However, given the relative density of a soccer ball compared to a rock, it should be possible from a small but round rock, especially I guess if you're kind of a visual based person," Ness replied, immediately exposing every reason why the potion had barely touched the badge before declaring the first year an Aladren. "But that still sounds like an interesting plan. Though if you Trannsfigure it, you have to kick it first.

"Yeah, I'm a Chaser on the reserve team, and also training to be a Beater. You... like sports but not Quiddith?" Ness inferred.

  • Not in the way that would hurt, I hope...Mikey, Sat Nov 24 01:44
    Mikey didnít remember all the first years from class, but he did remember her because she looked like a he and told all the teachers to drop the Ďa.í There was another boyish-looking girl in Pecari,... more
    • Not unless someone really deserves it — Ness, Sat Nov 24 04:02
      • Good to knowMikey, Sat Nov 24 15:47
        Whatever Ness was saying was going right over his head. She was definitely an Aladren, and Mikey almost wanted to ask her to Transfigure the rock instead. He was definitely more of a visual person... more
        • Off we goNess, Sat Nov 24 18:49
          "We're going on a rock hunt," Ness sang cheerfully. Mikey seemed like he knew Muggle things if he wanted to play soccer, so Ness expected him to get the 'bear hunt' reference. A slight smile appeared ... more
          • Let us commence the rock huntMikey, Sun Nov 25 01:40
            Mikey's grandpa had definitely sung that same little line during their camping trips, so he smiled at her reference. "We're gonna catch a big one," he sang. "That's true, I guess I'm scared of... more
            • Get them or they'll get youNess, Sun Nov 25 02:01
              Ness smiled as Mikey joined in. "Well, if you do, I promise not to laugh, and I'll tell anyone who does that they're a jerk," Ness assured him, when he mentioned fear of falling flat on his face.... more
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