Fancy indeed!
Sat Nov 24, 2018 04:38

Mary smiled gratefully, accepting the book from Rory and thanking him appropriately.

"Not too much I hope," she laughed. "Losing my want is excitement enough I think. No, but I'm actually working on some research. It might interest you too, come to think of it." She briefly explained hers and Tabitha's conversation regarding the ethics of ingredient collection and harvest from living organisms. "I'm trying to see what muggle reports suggest."

  • Fancy seeing you here!Rory Taransay, Sat Nov 24 04:34
    Rory was wandering through the non-magical creatures aisle in the library. Whilst his speciality was, of course, magical creatures, that didn't mean he disliked non-magical ones. Really, the... more
    • Fancy indeed! — Mary, Sat Nov 24 04:38
      • "Oooh, that does sound interesting!" replied Rory. "You'll have to let me know what the muggles think of it. It's always an ongoing debate, isn't it? I've met such a range of opinions on that front,... more
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