How about if I call you my sunshine? Would you enjoy that?
Sat Nov 24, 2018 04:52

Not an anti-fun monster. Hm. So, you won't have any objections to finding your brother making out with boys then? Probably a bit blunt. And he had no desire whatsoever to out Jehan.

I don't have any particular house stereotypes. That sounded smug and sanctimonious even in his own head. And Victor had more than enough of that to go around (just because Teppenpaw tact forbid him from saying catty things didn't mean he couldn't think them. Sometimes, mentally throwing shade was the only way to get through a day).

"So, what do you do for fun then?" he asked, figuring that was a neutral enough topic.

  • Well, you seem to be enjoying itVictor, Sat Nov 24 04:39
    Victor chuckled - it most definitely wasn't a giggle - as McLeod reacted to his joke, seeming horrified for a second before realising that Victor was having him on. Honestly, was the kid so uptight... more
    • How about if I call you my sunshine? Would you enjoy that? — Kir, Sat Nov 24 04:52
      • Oh dear, this really was entering into small talk territory. Part of Victor felt that telling McLeod about his hobbies could be akin to selling your soul to the devil, but then again what harm could... more
        • You are my sunshine, my only sunshineKir, Sat Nov 24 05:21
          "Cool," Kir replied in a neutral tone. Honestly, Victor could basically have said any words at all, and - so long as it wasn't violent, disgusting, or surprisingly kinky - got the same reaction. What ... more
          • Please take my sunshine awaaaayVictor, Sat Nov 24 05:43
            McLeod's gaming group sounded...well Victor didn't actually know anything about it, but it was probably pretty boring. Besides, they were all a bit old for games now, weren't they? He was also... more
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