Homework feels like it's worlds away right now
Sat Nov 24, 2018 04:55

Tess sat down next to Raine with a smile. Company was really the one thing needed to make the sunny day even better, and spending time with Raine was always so pleasant and relaxing.

"You're looking forward to finishing at Sonora, then?" she asked, not really surprised. Academics weren't exactly Raine's natural habitat, and Tess was glad that her friend would be going on to more fun things. "I've been thinking about graduation too; it seems to be coming up so quickly! Ben says he'll miss the food most, but I'm sure it'll be sad when we all don't see each other quite so regularly."

  • "Hi," Raine smiled, pleased to see her friend. "Be my guest," she added, sitting up so that there was sufficient room on the bench for Tess to join her. "I can't wait until I can spend all day... more
    • Homework feels like it's worlds away right now — Tess, Sat Nov 24 04:55
      • Let's hope it stays thereRaine, Sat Nov 24 05:05
        "Yeah," Raine nodded, figuring it wasn't that much of a surprise that she was looking forward to graduating. She just didn't belong here. "I'll miss you guys though," she asserted, taking Tess' hand... more
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