On parity and fairness
Sat Nov 24, 2018 07:33

Jozua nodded, feeling like Kir did have a very valid point. “That . . . doesn’t really seem fair,” he agreed. Though he did try to throw out one defense for the old white dudes. “Did the goblins - or any other magical race for that matter - try to get representation peacefully at all, or did they just go ‘hey, that’s not cool, kill everybody!’ right away?”

  • "It... It has a lot of the facts right. It's just... how it presents them. Goblin terrorists attacking the seat of government. Justifiable crackdown. The Wizengamot was legislating things that... more
    • On parity and fairness — Jozua, Sat Nov 24 07:33
      • And non-stabby ways of getting your wayKir, Sat Nov 24 07:47
        "I... uh.... admittedly do not know," Kir answered, "I kind of know... like, bits of this from dinner time conversation but I'm sort of still playing catch up with you here. To just totally derail it ... more
        • non-stabby is goodJozua, Sat Nov 24 22:08
          "Okay," Jozua agreed, pulling over a few reference books of his own, trying to figure out which, if any, might have accounts written by not-old, not-white, not-guys. "I'll look," he said, though he... more
          • Is that how we both got Teppenpaw?Kir, Sun Nov 25 00:00
            "Ooh," Kir looked up intrigued by Jozua's find. He was pretty sure that snatching it from Jozua's hands in a frenzy of excitement was not good study-buddy behaviour. "Let me know what she says," he... more
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