Zev and Jozua
Only children here
Sat Nov 24, 2018 07:40

Zev smiled sympathetically at Kir and reached over the squeeze his hand. Then didn’t let go. Though Kir was well aware of her answer already, she supplied it for the group at large. “Sorry, I am an only child. I know not your pain.”

Sitting nearby, Jozua shrugged, too. “I don’t have that kind of luck, either.”

  • Tagging the D&D groupKir McLeod, Sat Nov 24 04:43
    Kir made his way into the library, followed by a shorter figure. As he neared the table where the D&D group met, the tail end of a whispered argument could probably be overheard. "Because I said so." ... more
    • Only children here — Zev and Jozua, Sat Nov 24 07:40
      • I'll represent for Team Little Sisters.Amelia Layne, Sat Nov 24 13:12
        “I have an older brother,” contributed Amelia, only half-suppressing a smile at Kir’s woes with his sibling. “But Lionel’s not really annoying. I…really have no idea what he is, but I guess baffling... more
        • Big Brother here.Connor Priory, Sat Nov 24 13:38
          "I have two little sisters myself" Connor added to the conversation. "They aren't that annoying either though." Of course, sometimes he got the impression Sophia got annoyed with looking after Lydia... more
          • Joining team little sisters.Lily Spencer, Sat Nov 24 15:31
            "I have three older siblings: two brothers and one sister," said Lily. It sounded like she had the most out of them all. "I didn't go to school with Adam, my oldest brother, but he was Head Boy,... more
            • Don't gang up on me, pleaseKir, Sat Nov 24 18:41
              OOC - as it's F&F do we want to say there's no set thread order and just... whoever can reply next? IC "Of course he would be," Kir replied to Amelia with a wink, "Big brothers are wonderful... more
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